American IT expert starts project to create business opportunities for Pakistani youth


Our correspondent

New York

An American Pakistani IT expert, lobbyist and community leader Rana Muhammad Zaman Saeed, who is also associated with 700 branches of Chicago Public School as Head IT Consultant, has started working on an untapped project to create jobs and business opportunities in the United States for the Pakistani youth while living in Pakistan.
Talking to Pakistan Observer, Rana Zaman Saeed said that now a days all the businesses in the world are going online and big companies like Amazon are leading in this work and these networks have also spread in our neighboring countries. Unfortunately these companies are not working in Pakistan. Rana Saeed Zaman said that he was talking to companies like Amazon and PayPal on this issue and was trying to create such a mechanism so that the technical and policy difficulties in their work could be resolved. He said that the departure of these companies to Pakistan would create employment and business opportunities for the youth.
Rana Saeed Zaman told Pakistan Observer that the IT market in the United States is dominated by India. Since I am associated with this field, it was in my mind from the beginning that Pakistani youth should also come in this field. In this case, I have set up a company that will take a business contract from the United States and give it to young people in the IT sector in Pakistan so that they can earn money by working from home. Rana Saeed Zaman said that if we want to develop and make our name among the nations, we have to change our system because this system is only exploiting the common man and a certain class is getting richer than the rich. I have planned to form a new party called Awami Raj Party to create awareness of his rights in the common man.