A little patience, Ravi city project will change the destiny of farmers, laborers, traders

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After revolutionizing the country’s energy, health and education sectors, the PTI launched major projects such as giving the people of the state their own roof, so Prime Minister Imran Khan became the first ruler to implement his manifesto.

Lahore, the capital of Punjab, has become the ninth largest city in the world due to its growing population.

Its population has crossed two and a half crore. Here, getting basic amenities of life to the people has become a dream of the past.

Governments tried to keep Lahore alive in its role by tapping Lahore’s appearance to prolong its rule, but did not complete long-term plans, leaving the idea of providing health facilities and infrastructure to contractors. Those who earned commissions, made money.

In the name of transport facilities, such projects were started in the provincial capital, the cost of which, if distributed to a family in Lahore, each family could have a subsidy amount.

A project like Metro Train became a white elephant which caused a loss of Rs 900 crore to the Punjab government in just 4 months and then the government The government has started considering various proposals to maintain the subsidy on this project.

The provision of health and education facilities has always been at the forefront of the priorities of the governments but the previous governments have always considered it as a business venture.

It was the responsibility of the ruler of the time to take care of the people, but these human-like personalities sitting on the throne to rule could not fulfill any of the election promises in which the providence of roof was at the top.

Although a proposal to build a new city on the banks of the Ravi was made in 1948 after the partition of India, keeping in view the needs of the people, the plan was not implemented even after 70 years.

After the PTI’s victory in the 2018 elections, when Imran Khan, the beloved leader of the people, became the Prime Minister, he launched the first eco-friendly Million Tree project for the beautification of the country, which was highly appreciated by the United Nations.

In this context, it was decided by the Prime Minister Imran Khan to build a new city along with the Ravi project for which a RUDA act was formed in the Punjab Assembly and then an authority was formed.

Engineer Rashid Aziz was appointed as the chairman of the committee who worked hard day and night to make RUDA a world class institution.

In this new city of Ravi, along with providing better quality of life to the people, medicine, education, trade, architecture, Other issues such as agriculture, forestry, farming, tourism, sports, availability of clean water were also sketched out with great understanding and foresight.

The compensation for their land was determined by the District Price Committee, which included the river Compensation for more than Rs 2 lakh for barren land in the coastal area of Pet, while up to Rs 55 lakh per acre for special land for farming outside the river has been fixed with the completion of this project to increase development opportunities in the area.

While the process of promoting the party has become a reality, some mischievous anti-government political actors did not accept that the PTI government should fulfill its promise to provide food, clothing and shelter to the common man for which they have their own.

The parties have been making false claims in every manifesto. This city of Prime Minister Imran Khan has become a web of conspiracies to obstruct the horizons of the project.

The landowners who came for the expansion of Ravi Shahar project, although they agreed to the package given by the Board of Revenue, but a few seals of dirty politics said that the project was useless.

He began to deafen the people from the fruits of which which is certainly his They will fail in their nefarious aims.

Undoubtedly, after the establishment of this city on the banks of the Ravi, beyond the opinion of the critics, the farmer will be prosperous, the laborer comfortable and the trader strong.


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