22pc of investors interested to trade in cryptocurrencies

Observer Report

A recent JP Morgan poll found that 22 percent of the respondents said their respective organisations are likely to trade or to invest in cryptocurrencies.

This figure (22 percent) is double the percentage of respondents (11 percent) who said yes when asked if their respective organisations were already trading or were invested in cryptocurrencies.

According to a report, the findings of this latest poll represent fresh evidence that backs the claim that more mainstream institutions are embracing crypto assets.

Already, since the start of the year 2021, major corporations like Tesla have revealed their cryptocurrency holdings.

Similarly, large hedge funds like Blackrock have signaled their intention to get exposure to crypto-assets like bitcoin (BTC).

Still, as the same report shows, an overwhelming majority (78 percent) of investors whose institutions are yet to embrace cryptos said there were no plans to invest or to trade in cryptocurrencies.

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