16,560 health workers contract covid-19 in country



Staff Reporter

As many as 16,560 healthcare workers have been infected while battling the outbreak of COVID-19 in Pakistan, sources said Sunday.

According to sources at the Ministry of National Health, so far 9,893 doctors, 2,363 nurses and 4,304 other staff of hospitals have contracted the coronavirus.

While battling the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in the country 163 healthcare workers have lost their lives, the sources said.

Overall 16,111 health workers have recovered from the pandemic. Most of the medical workers infected by the virus and deceased belong to Sindh.

As per the province-wise breakup, in Sindh, 5,830 health workers were infected by coronavirus while 56 died in the disease.

In Punjab, 3,477 healthcare workers contracted the coronavirus and 29 of them died.

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