11-year-old girl ‘kidnapped’ again after returning home


An 11-year-old girl has been allegedly kidnapped again by unidentified persons after she returned to home over a panchayat’s (village council) intervention in Chiniot, reported a private TV on Sunday.
Her mother claimed that the abductors have forcedly married off the girl with a man after kidnapping her and threatening the family. It emerged that the girl had been abducted earlier, however, she was brought back home after the intervention of panchayat.
The mother of the girl blamed police officials for having connections with the abductors and making no progress in the case despite several visits of the family members.
On the other hand, police officials told media that a case has been lodged in the alleged abduction case and raids are being conducted in different areas to arrest the culprits.
Earlier in June, a young woman had forcibly married off to a 60-year-old man on panchayat’s order in Punjab.
The woman’s brother had married a girl of his choice, without the consent of her family in Pakpattan. Following the marriage, the couple had managed to flee from the area.
Later, the girl’s family had called a meeting of the village Panchayat who had decided to give the boy’s sister hand in marriage to the 60-year-old influential man under the ‘vani’ custom to compensate for her brother’s free-will marriage.