Yasir Hussain urges PM Khan to extend support to veteran actors


Actor Yasir Hussain took to social media to show his love for the cast of the cult classic Ainak Wala Jin.

He posted a photo of the premiere with the cast and discussed the show’s stars’ financial woes after its conclusion. This comes when a national campaign to pay performers royalties for their jobs is gaining traction.

Yasir Hussain spoke about how the cast had a hard time finding roles since the show ended. This is a popular issue with TV actors all over the world as they devote so much attention to a single performance, the viewer develops a deep attachment to the show, the role portrayed, and the star. This is seen as a threat by some directors as they believe their protagonists will never break from the shadows of past relationships with the actors portraying them. This might not be such a major deal in countries with much more developed economies than ours. If performers are properly compensated for their positions and then paid royalties for the film, the issue becomes less one of money and more one of career ambition.

Hussain said, “Half these people died of hunger, and some are alive on donations.”



The actor then requested that prime minister Imran Khan assist the veteran actors. He pleaded with him to save these entertainers, who had been household names for a decade.

Hussain told the Prime Minister about how these actors remained by his side through his political and social challenges. These actors supported him while he was collecting money for his hospital, and they supported him when he chose to pursue politics and form a political group.

Ainak Wala Jinn is one of Pakistan’s most famous children’s television shows. The show, which was produced by PTV and broadcast for four seasons, became a fan favorite. Its dialogues were repeated in schools and households, and the characters imitated each other on call at family gatherings. The show was such a success that it was re-aired twice during its original run, to great popular acclaim.

The plight of some of the country’s best entertainers is sad and embarrassing. We strongly advise the government to assist these powerless legends.

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