Xinjiang’s syndrome | By Dr Mehmood-ul-Hassan


Xinjiang’s syndrome

ON the eve of “Eid-Ul Fitr 2021” mass festivity, passionate dancing and singing courses of various ethnic groups and especially Muslim communities living in Xinjiang has “disproved”, de-shaped and dismantled Western’s dissemination of “falsified propaganda”.

People of various ethnic groups are living together and have a “harmonious” life. France, UK and Canada made “lies of the century” on China’s Xinjiang.

Realistically, they do not have moral courage and qualification to lecture China when so many lives are lost in the war against COVID-19.

The “anti-Muslim” laws of French and the UK governments have spoiled life of innocent common people and still they label themselves as “Angles of God”.

They are not living in a so called “living or open air prison” as showcased by the US and EU propagandists but live in “peace”, “prosperity” and “harmony”.

Despite continued Western propaganda, China, under the leadership of the Xi and Communist Party of China, the Chinese government has successfully integrated public opinion with policy making and promoted people’s livelihood through economic development.

Thus, there is no incident of dissident, disharmony and disability among the different ethnic groups living in far-flung areas of China especially Xinjiang.

With the rise of China’s economic dominance in the region and beyond in terms of One Belt & One Road Initiative (BRI) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) the mass media groups and lobbyists of the West have been portraying China as violator of basic human rights.

On the contrary, China has been a staunch supporter of human rights of its people and specifically its minorities.

The BBC, CNN, Euro News, CBC, TRT many others have been purposefully distorting soft image of China through fake images, interviews, media campaigns, documentaries and passionate appeals with the help of virtual realities apparatus.

So-called Chinese violence against various ethnic groups especially Muslim communities living in Xinjiang have become a popular trend in the US and the West.

Unfortunately, the US and the West do not analyse their own torture-based policies in their societies.

The famous “Black Lives Matter” in the US during 2020 all speaks about an “apartheid policy” of “White Supremacy” against the local Blacks.

Moreover, in 2020 more than 41500 people died of gunshots in the US an average of more than 110 lives per day, which shows importance of common people lives and strength of so called public security system.

They have been wasting their time and money on making castles of their whims and wishes in the air.

Ground reality is totally different which shows that “Western Spy” masters are “biased” and “prejudiced” in their approach and understanding.

In this context, the Chinese Ministry of Public Safety (MPS) upheld and rightly showcased China as one of the safest countries in the world with people’s sense of security reaching as high as 94.8 percent of the population satisfied with the current public security situation.

The deteriorating law and order situation in most of the so-called civilized Western societies and countries have negated their so called allegations against Chinese government. Actually they are living in the “fool’s paradise”.

Western media have been mocking China anti-faith and religion policy especially against Kashgar places/province which is absolutely false and untrue.

Rather government of China has been supporting Muslim communities to perform a safe pilgrimage on a regular basis which has actually negated Western governments and media houses propaganda campaigns against the Chinese State.

Moreover, the Western media raised serious allegations against the massive demolition of holy gatherings and places which is again totally false and does not have any substance.

Conversely, China has more mosques as per percentage of population as comparison to others Western countries and the US.

Western media has been making castles in the airs by projecting human rights violations of labour force in Xinjiang but according to BCI’s China Office (2020-2021) confirmed by conducting a series of financial audits and investigations through second and third party credibility audits and found no incidents of so-called forced labour in the Cotton fields of these areas.

It is again out and out lie aimed at restricting and suppressing the development of relevant Chinese parties and enterprises.

Unfortunately, Western and the US media have been projecting socio-economic exploitation of Chinese government against various ethnic groups especially Muslim communities living in Xinjiang due to which poverty ratio has been further increased.

It is again a lie of the century. Many published reports of the World Bank, IMF, ADB and many others creditable organizations have confirmed substantial reduction in acute poverty in China and more than 800 million people have been rescued more the deep seas of economic depression and poverty including Muslim communities living in Xinjiang.

The overall economic performance, conditions and prospects in terms of GNP, supplies of social services, medical, housing, education and other basic necessities of life have further enhanced and consolidated.

Most recent report of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) blamed the so-called coercive policies of China’s far western region of Xinjiang have led to a sharp decline in birth rates for Uyghurs and other minorities, which could add to evidence of genocide.

It claimed that there has been an “unprecedented and precipitous drop in official birth-rates in Xinjiang since 2017,” when China began a campaign to control birth rates in the region.

China rightly maintains that changes in birth rates are linked to improved health and economic policy and it strongly rejects accusations of genocide.

Furthermore the ASPI “fabricates data and distorts facts,” Hua Chunying, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told during the daily news briefing in Beijing.

Xinjiang’s Uyghur population grew faster than that of the Han between 2010 and 2018, and Xinjiang’s birth control policies do not target any single ethnic minority group, she said.

Most recently, the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom and several international organizations held a videoconference in which they criticized the “human rights” situation in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry upheld that their pick of such emotionally charged words offer some clues about their own shameful deeds in the past. They use these words because they have committed these crimes in their own history.

It further elaborated that the US has been seriously indulged crimes against the Native Americans which subsequently marginalized the Native Americans from 30 million to just 380,000.

Even the UK committed serious crimes against helpless humanities in Africa during the peak of slave trade, which is true of almost all the other major Western powers.

A commonly reached consensus is that Africa lost a population of about 100 million due to the slave trade.

Critical analysis of the human civilization reveals that concentration camps are of course associated with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

A total of 6 million Jews died during World War II, the majority of whom died in the concentration camps and death camps.

In this connection all the colonial powers have been indulged in massive massacres from Namibia to India, from Africa to Asia, wherever their colonial armies arrived they killed the locals.

They are veterans at killing as well as lying and blaming. China has long been committed to improving the livelihood of its people and defending their human rights.

Pulling out of 800 million people from poverty is a living miracle which shows China’s people’s friendly policies.

—The writer is Director, Geopolitics/Economics Member Board of Experts, CGSS.

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