World’s progress linked to peace: Dr Farhan Issa



The Rotary District 3271 and Dr. Issa Laboratory jointly organized a Peace Walk 2021 on the occasion of Pakistan Resolution Day.

Director Issa Laboratory Dr. Faran Issa, Organizing Committee Chairman Tanveer Qadri, DRR Iqra Sajjad, Vice Chancellor of the Karachi University Khalid Iraqi, MPA Bilal Ahmad Ghaffar, GM Admin Commander Asghar, GM Marketing Dr. Nayyar Jabeen, Zonal Head South Tariq Alam, Hyderabad Manager Taslim Khan, Manager Noor Sheikh, Imran, Surjeel, Shahid besides SSU men, Traffic Police, Sindh Police, Scouts, staff from Edhi Foundation and other institutions and large number of people attended the event.

On the occasion, Dr. Farhan Issasaid that the establishment of peace is the need of the hour. We must teach hatred for war and love for peace.

That is when problems will be solved with patience and endurance. He said experience has shown thatwars fought for ten and twenty years were finally decided as a result of dialogue, adding war brings nothing but destruction as it destroys the economy and adds to the problems.

Dr. FarhanIssasaid that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the OIC are committed to bringing peace to the world.

They keep trying but there are some countries like India which is stockpiling arms in South Asia which poses a serious threat to the peace of the region.

He said that India sometimes martyrs youths under the pretext of searching houses in occupied Kashmir and sometimes does propaganda fake surgical strikes.

VC KU Khalid Iraqi said everything is connected with peace whether it is trade or other routines of life because everyone wants to live in peace and if there is no peace then everything is ruined.