Women empowerment brings prosperity, says Mrs Sarwar


Wife of Punjab Governor Begum Perveen Sarwar has said that entire society including women segment can be strengthened and prosper through basic facilities like health and education.
She said this while addressing an award ceremony held under the aegis of Ghar Foundation and later talking to media at Quaid-i-Azam Library, Bagh-e-Jinnah. On this occasion, PTI member Seema Anwaar and others were also present.
All segments of society must fulfill their due responsibilities for women rights because women empowerment guarantees strengthening and prosperity of the society.
Education promises development of a nation or society. Education is such a wealth that does not reduce rather increases by sharing.
Begum Sarwar said, “I have always played an active role for the rights of women and today, we are imparting free of cost training of stitching, embroidery, beautician and other courses through Hunnar Gah.
We have also provided sewing machines to women in all jails of Punjab including Lahore through which they are learning skills in jails.”
She said, it is evident from world history that only those societies progress where women are provided with equal opportunities to excel as well as given jobs.
Today, Pakistani women are outshining the men in various fields not only in Pakistan but also abroad, and they are gaining an unprecedented confidence.
She said that present era is the era of computer, modern science and technology and industrializations, therefore it is need of the hour to gain cotemporary modern education, technical, medical, and engineering education.


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