With only a day left in defence day famous brands and eateries are offering discount rates

Staff Reporter

With only a day left in the Defence Day celebrations, the famous brands and eateries in the federal capital have come up with good discount offers on dresses, shoes and other accessories to give an opportunity to the buyers for having good stock of summer items for the next season.

However, this time majority of the customers prefer to buy their required items online instead of visiting the shops physically adopting preventive measures in wake of rising Covid-19 cases in capital city like other parts of country.

The trend of online shopping from the official websites of the famous brands is already in practice by a large number of people especially women but this time this practice is direly needed to ensure the safety of the citizens.

“The Defence Day sale has been started by different brands outlets however it is not possible to visit the markets physically due to the closure of markets during weekend days as per directives of the concerned authorities to stay safe from COVID-19”, Amina Farrukh, a working woman said.

However, I bought some dresses from the official website of a popular brand taking advantage of the good sale offer which I would stock for the next summer season as the weather is changing now, she said.

Aliya Rasheed, a government employee said that the trend of offering discounts on all the mega occasions as well as national and international days is gaining momentum in our country which is a good in terms of enhancing purchasing capacity of those people who cannot afford to purchase on full price.

Talking to media, she said, “It is largely in the interest of the citizens to adopt preventive measures in wake of Corona Virus. Online shopping is the best way to protect ourselves and others from Coronavirus”.

Aslam Khan, a resident of G-8 sector said, “The online shopping facility extended by different brands, shopping marts and food outlets have made the lives of citizens quite easier especially at the time when staying at home and reducing social interaction is a best possible precaution to adopt for prevention from this virus”.

He said considering the increasing ratio of Covid cases in the city, these brands should also join hands with the authorities to promote awareness about prevention from this threat by bounding the buyers to purchase the stuff online and not to visit the outlets.

Although this practice can affect the business of those retailers who lack online shopping facility but this will largely in the interest of the citizens whose safety is more important at this time, he observed.

It has become a common practice for the brands, eateries and even the cab-hailing and salon services to offer good discounts on different occasions including New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, Eid festivals and Holy month of Ramzan etc.

“The changing weather is always a time when we need to shop clothes, shoes and other accessories for ourselves and kids for the whole upcoming season and sale on such occasions are perfect time to do so”, Shakir Ali, a businessman said.

It is a good tradition that not only famous brands are offering discounts on dresses and shoes but also the famous online retailers of all the home, electronics and kitchen accessories are offering good discounts ahead of Defence Day, he observed.

Defence Day is celebrated in September 06 as national day to commemorate the sacrifices made by Pakistani soldiers in defending its borders through arranging flag hoisting, parade, military exhibitions, award ceremonies, singing patr-iotic songs, entertainment programmes and speeches.

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