Former city Nazim, Councilor alleged a land mafia group for grabbing land

City Reporter

Former City Nazim Kafalat Ali Awan and former Councilor Sarfraz Ali Awan said in a joint statement that the group of fraudulent people has become active in Hassanabdal and they were trying to grab their land illegally.

They alleged that a group of seven or eight land mafia were trying to get the support of various political parties to seize various properties.

They claimed that the land which belong to them and their heirs and added that the occupation groups had first bought some land and then they forcefully and underhandedly occupied our purchased land.

The land grabber group does not even have the registry or other legal documents of said land, they added.

They further pointed out that the group had even sold the government approved road and a house was built on that land now.

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