WDO finalizes statute at General Secretariat



Amb. Tareg Ali Bakheet, Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian, Cultural, and Social Affairs, asserted on the occasion of the two-day open-ended meeting of the adhoc working group on the draft statute and financial and administrative regulations of the Women’s Development Organization (WDO), being held in Jeddah on 12-13 January 2020, that the meeting’s focal message was ‘the interest which the OIC Member States accord to the issues of women’s development and consolidating their role in progress and development-oriented efforts. The meeting also reflects, he said, the active role played by the OIC Member States in supporting the General Secretariat’s efforts in the follow-up of the resolutions issued by the seventh ministerial conference on women.
Amb. Bakheet further noted that already fourteen States have ratified the OWD’s statute whose entry in force needs 15 ratifications.
On the other hand, statements were also delivered by the Egyptian deputy foreign minister in charge of human rights and humanitarian and social issues, H.E. Amb Ahmed Iheb, as well as by the chairwoman of the Women’s National Council in Egypt, H.E. Maya Morsi, and by H.E. the Consul General of Burkina Faso, Mr. Bakary Sana, whose country chairs the current seventh session of the women’s conference, and who invited, in his address, those countries that have not yet signed or ratified the WDO statute to do so as soon as possible so as to enable the organization to start being operational.—PR