Water everywhere: US Congresswoman describes flood situation in Pakistan

US flood Pakistan

Texas: US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who visited Pakistan to oversee the flood situation in Pakistan that wreaked havoc from North to South, said that what Pakistan going through is a monster of a disaster.

In a tweet, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson, who visited Pakistan along with Congressman Tom Suozzi of New York, said they were the first US delegation to visit Pakistan amid the most devastating and deadly flooding in Pakistan’s history.

“As far as the eye could see, I saw water; we were the first US delegation to visit the most devastating and deadly flooding in Pakistani history. A flood of historic proportion, really a monster of a disaster,” she tweeted.

During their visit, they were briefed by the military rescuers.

“We saw people still racing to helicopters to be rescued as well as met and listened to the men, women and children who experienced the raging deadly waters.”

Explaining the disaster brought on by the climate-induced cataclysmic floodings, she said that with whole villages underwater, 33 million Pakistanis are affected, and almost 70,000 women are expected to give birth, potentially without medical care.

“Our delegation brought hope that the United States will be an effective and consistent partner in helping Pakistan work through this human crises! How frightening! Humanity is under attack!” she added.

26 more die, 11 hurt in monsoon catastrophe: NDMA

US announces $30 million aid for flood victims

Last week, the United States announced $30 million in humanitarian aid to Pakistan, where the worst-ever floods have killed more than 1,000 people and displaced some 33 million.

In a press briefing, Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department, said that the US was deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life and livelihoods throughout Pakistan.

“We stand with Pakistan during this difficult time, and the US is proud to be the single largest humanitarian donor to Pakistan,” the Spokesperson said.

He said that the US, through USAID, was providing an additional $30 million in humanitarian assistance to support the people affected by severe flooding in Pakistan resulting from heavy monsoon rains, as well as landslides and glacial lake outbursts, since mid-June.

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