26 more die, 11 hurt in monsoon catastrophe: NDMA


The unprecedented torrential monsoon rains across the country on Sunday claimed more lives and inflicted losses to property as the total death count in various incidents reached 1,290 and 12,588 individuals got injured since the onset of the rainy season.

The National Disaster Management Authority issued a 24-hour situation report released on routine basis that accounted overall life, property and infrastructure losses incurred by the heavy rains.

The heavy rains and flash floods caused deaths of a child in Zhob and a man whereas the details of the latter were to follow. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa some two perished due to roof collapse and flood in various districts including a woman due to flood in DI Khan and a child due to roof collapse in North Waziristan.

The NDMA underlined that the Provincial Disaster Management Authority of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reconciled it’s death data as the number of a deceased woman was reduced by the PDMA.

The data reconciled by the NDMA mentioned that two perished men and women each figures were reduced by the PDMA Sindh. However, segregated data of nine individuals was still awaited from PDMA Sindh.

In Punjab’s District Rajanpur a man drowned in flood water.

In Sindh, 22 people perished including four men and a child died in Noushero Feroze, two men, a woman and four children in Shikarpur, two men, a woman and two children in Badin, a man died due to house collapse in Matiari, a man died in Khairpur and three children died in Ghotki.

In Balochistan M-8 was blocked as the route of 100-140 kilometers was blocked due to land sliding in 24 km section of Wangu hills. In KP, N-95 was blocked as the route (Madyan) between Behrain-Laikot (27 km) was blocked.

At the N-50, the road was opened for traffic except breached section of Sagu bridge and preparation of approaches on both sides of Sagu bridge was in process.

In Sindh, N-55, Meher Johi Canal to Khairpur Nathan Shah was submerged and road was closed.

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