Water and electricity crisis


The recent spell of monsoon rains in Karachi has been destructive with record rainfall of 200 millimetres. More than 20 human beings have lost their live amidst these rains and the most concerning part is a lot of them were due to the power outrage. The electric current was flowing in the standing water son roads.
On 10th August, the most devastating news came out that three young boys lost their lives due to power outrage in one of the posh areas (DHA Phase VI) of the city. They were travelling on a motor bike somewhere they lost control and fell into water ended up losing their lives as huge electric current was running in water because of an electric wire which has fallen into water. The pain and grief these families have witnessed is unimaginable and it’s a huge failure for a state that its people are dying like this.
I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the poor condition of electric poles in the city because it has become a routine in every rainfall that people are losing their precious lives due to power outrage which shows that no conclusive actions were taken in the past. This is an appeal to all the concerned authorities to take decisive measures for the betterment of electricity poles and wires in the city as another spell of rain is likely in the coming days and Karachites cannot afford loss of more lives.

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