WAPDA spending Rs100b in project areas for progress

Staff Reporter

In addition to stabilizing national economy by developing irrigated agriculture, mitigating devastating floods and injecting low-cost hydel electricity into the National Grid, WAPDA projects also play a phenomenal role in socio-economic development of the people residing in the project areas.

This can best be judged from the fact that WAPDA has been spending a hefty amount of over Rs.100 billion in the project areas for progress and prosperity of the local populace.

This amount is being utilized on confidence building measures (CBM) in the project areas of four under construction projects of WAPDA namely Diamer Basha Dam, Mohmand Dam, Dasu and Tarbela 5th Extension to complete various development schemes.

These schemes relate to resettlement of the affectees, health, education and infrastructure development etc.

to bring in a positive change in life style of the people hailing from far-flung and backward areas, which fall very low in human development index.

Injecting Rs.100 billion by WAPDA in development schemes will help improve the human development index tremendously in these backward areas.