Want interest-free solar panel system in easy instalments?

interest-free solar panel system

If you were looking for an interest-free solar panel system for your home, and that too in easy instalments, look no further as Meezan Bank has begun offering benefits to its customers in line with Sharia.

Meezan Bank’s Solar Panel Financing program ensures renewable energy access with payable plans and reasonable prices. Electricity bills from installation will be reduced to 50%. Further, you can install solar panels without interest packs as this financing is totally in line with Shariah.

Eligibility criteria

Business owners, people who hold permanent or temporary jobs, and people who are retired all have different eligibility requirements. You may learn more about eligibility on the Meezan Bank website.

The applicant must, however, own the property where the solar panel will be put. In the case of ownership by an immediate family member, the house owner will be the co-applicant.

How to Apply

To apply for this pocket-friendly program, you must visit the nearest Meezan Bank Branch or call at their helpline 111-331-331 / 111-331-332.

  • Get the quotation from the bank’s Energy Partner. You can check out the list on the website.
  • Submit the signed application form, a copy of the CNIC, and a copy of the latest electricity bill.
  • The final step would be opening your account with Meezan Bank.

Total cost

The financing costs include the following.

  • Price of Solar Panels.
  • Cost of Inverters.
  • Cost of other associated items like equipment, wiring, and installation charges.

It must be noted that the cost of batteries (both off-grid and on-grid), net meeting to be endured by the customers, and its arrangement is not financed.