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Is there any guarantee?

After the end of Imran Khan’s government, it is hoped that the new government brings lots of new and exciting opportunities in our life by reducing inflation but it is just a hope that has no reality. Inflation, instead of coming down, is touching the sky. Entire Pakistan is now in a catastrophic situation. Pakistan is suffering from an economic crisis and the public are undergoing from toxic catastrophe of inflation.

Now it is the only question asked by everyone that will inflation lessen or not? However, everyone hopes that after fresh elections this problem will be reduced but there is no guarantee. This puts all of us in a huge despair. The government should think about the situation of people. If it does not reduce inflation, it is okay but at least it should not make the situations more difficult. The soon it is understood, the promptly people get happy.


Malir, Karachi


of recreation activities

This is disheartening to note that physical activity instead of being the priority of every single person has been ignored and reshaped into mental activities like playing sports has been changed into playing online games. Ignoring physical activities can be the only cause of many problems like mental problems, physical illnesses, depression, insomnia, lack of creativity, lack of communication skills and many more.

Analyses have shown that people who do recreational activities have the potential to confront widespread health difficulties namely deadly heart disease. The more you do physical activities more you will have mental power. No matter what is your age because there is no limit to physical activities. But alas, even after knowing it, we still do not take out time to work on it to boost our creativity and will-power.

The government should work to build more public parks and playgrounds and it should also ensure the safety of people so that people can easily get to work on their health. Parents should assist their children to socialize and take advantage. The students should be facilitated and encouraged at school to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities because health is a quite important thing in our life and physical activity is the main way to a healthy life.


Malir, Karachi

Increasing number of beggars

Throughout recent times, there are more beggars everywhere in the city. No street or market is uninhabited by beggars. They can also be seen in large numbers in hospitals, as well as places like schools and colleges. They begin pursuing you as soon as you leave your house. Then they stick with you wherever young, healthy men can be perceived as beggars. Even young kids are made to beg by their parents. They encourage a lot of people to beg because it is a simple method to make money. Beggars engage in criminal activity as well. They commit theft and fraud in residences, businesses, and places of employment. They have also been observed lifting children. They have so many organised crime groups. The female beggars sneak into the homes and plunder the residents in various ways. Child lifting gangs cut off the children’s limbs and make them sit in busy areas to beg. The public should work with the government to stop this social scourge and the government should exercise strict control over it.



Abe Shinzo, the champion of Japan

With the assassination of the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on 08 July 2022, the world has lost the finest leader wedded to democracy and the welfare of humanity. Shinzo Abe was considered to be a towering personality who immensely contributed a lot to Japan’s economy during his long term as the prime minister. He was a towering global statesman, an outstanding leader and a remarkable administrator. He dedicated his life to make Japan and the world a better place. Like Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto, he too was shot dead because some people of the country (Japan) did not like him. He was Japan’s longest serving Prime Minister who served the country from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020. May his soul rest in peace.


Mumbai, India

Errors in our education system

Our educational system resembles a computer game. If you win, you advance to the next level; if you lose, you either exit the game or rehash your classes. Similar to tests, one is crushed or passes a mission. Regardless, there is a distinction between the two. When compared to our school classes, computer games are far more engaging. You may wonder why. Read on to find out.

In our educational system, a child’s brain development is measured by how well he performs on tests. If he gets a low score, he is considered stupid and worthless (indirectly, of course), rather than being encouraged to improve. How many times you remember hearing a teacher say, “You can do it,” or “Never give up,” after failing a test? Instead, only “Keep it up” is written on high scores.

Why don’t they recognize that the kid who failed his test today could grow up to be as smart as Steve Jobs, a college dropout, or as Ronaldo, who was terrible in school but is now one of the world’s highest-paid athletes? How can one be certain that a student who only gets A’s will get a well-paying job? There are millions of bright students, but only one in a million becomes a Steve Jobs!

Individuality and dreams are irrelevant in our educational system. It’s all about cramming homework down students’ throats so they don’t have time to pursue their dreams. Homework should be prohibited and self-study encouraged among students, which most of them are unlikely to do because it is uninteresting and has little relevance in real life.


Chakwal, Punjab


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