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It is all madness

Ongoing pattern and spoken contents by political platforms in Pakistan pass as a disorderly drill of madness, all defaming Pakistan surrounded by multiple dangers region-wise and because of internal economic collapse; this precipitous situation can be reversed only if political platforms, instead of strengthening themselves, should start strengthening Pakistan, but this direly needed consciousness seems absent; in this murky atmosphere India is using the occasion for all misuses she is making in her militarized part of Jammu and Kashmir region.

In this scenario our people of pens and pencils should use their intellectual weapon to save all we have at the moment. We have already geographically lost (former) East Pakistan, a loss and lesson for us all for ever in our earthly lives.




over aid

Pakistan is facing severe economic challenges and people are heavily hit by ever increasing dearness after the Regime Change Operation occurred through vote of no confidence motion culminated with grand coalition government.

The youngest foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari after assuming the charge has successfully been moulding the State’s Foreign Policy and relations with world on the line of trade over aid. The trips and tours of the young FM to parts of the world are aimed at creating economic opportunities.

Pakistan’s economy is basically agro-based economy. As in the recent Mango Festival organized by Pakistani High Commissioner in Canberra, Australia, to celebrate 75 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Australia, the FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari brought Mango Diplomacy at work and encouraged 250 varieties of mangos produced in Pakistan available for export.

Likewise, Pakistan is the only country in South Asia which grows Dates on a commercial scale — 5th largest exporter in the world. There are more than 160 varieties of Date Palms in the country, among them the popular variety is Aseel from Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, which is produced thousands of metric tons in the province where his party (PPP) is in power for fourteen years. Being Chairman of the ruling party of the province, Sindh, he must make untiring efforts to industrialize the area to create both exports and jobs.



Transport issues

It is a mystery to many how a megacity the size of Karachi manages to exist and functions without a trustworthy public transport system. According to the World Bank, there needs to be one bus with 100 seats for every 1500 passengers, with 14.91 million people living in Karachi, there should be 21000 mini-buses and 5500 big buses, however, considerably fewer buses actually ply the roadways than that. Sometimes, people can’t find buses on time; it usually happens during office or school timings. If, fortunately enough, they find a bus, it is be fully loaded; people have to reach their destination by standing in buses and sometimes they have to stand on the edge of the bus door despite the fact that our local transport doesn’t even follow basic safety rules, there is no formal check on the maintenance which is mostly compromised. Many buses have broken windows, torn-seats and missing door, CNG cylinders are also installed inside the buses.

Mostly working class or lower middle class people use the public transport and sometimes they get late due to the shortage of transport.

There are so many behavioural issues observed inside the buses. Despite the partition for males and females – sexual harassment takes place with incidents of offensive touching or men take pictures of women on mobile without their knowledge and blackmail later on. Picking pockets are also common, drivers sometimes play vulgar music. In the light of the above-mentioned facts, I request you to highlight this issue in your newspaper which would be a great help if it might reach relevant authorities, they might look into fixing the problem.



Political activists in journalism

Journalists are expected to present facts and views to people in their newspaper columns or the electronic media. Their opinions and commitment to rule of law, democracy and supremacy of the constitution establish their credibility.

In 2010 a three-member group of independent Pakistani journalists, enjoying international credibility were a part of a team that dared to travel on a ship carrying 600 passengers to highlight the plight of 1.5Million Palestinians suffering Israeli occupation. Similarly, there were many men of honour who played a vital part in projecting the political struggle led by the Quaid and Allama Iqbal and their companions for the creation of Pakistan. These men suffered and faced harassment but continued in pursuit of principles which they believed in.

Some TV channels like Fox News are known to project Republican point of view in America and similarly there are newspapers funded by political parties that follow directives of a particular political party. Columnists and spokespersons linked to a political party write in newspapers where it is specifically mentioned in their byline that they are associated with a particular party. Unfortunately, what we are witnessing in Pakistan are a few political activists in the guise of independent analysts and journalists who, while following their party line, cross all limits of decency.

While one may not agree with views of Ayaz Mir, the fact remains that he is a journalist who has criticized and supported policies of various political parties, as the situation demands and even been critical of the paid establishment. The same cannot be said for likes of Imran Riaz Khan, nor for those who, in their columns, refer to PM as “Criminal PM”. It is time that editorial boards of the print and electronic media enforce journalistic discipline and sanity prevails.




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