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BJP: Being on defensive mode


India is presently on the least desirable end of Muslims nations across the world including Pakistan, especially after some BJP leaders made derogatory remarks against the Last Prophet (PBUH). This episode occurred last week when two BJP representatives, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal offered condemnable comments regarding the Prophet and his loved ones. While these comments ignited shock across the world it was bound to happen one way or other given how the ruling party has facilitated such public talk all through its residency.

Although BJP has now suspended the two people, this was just done following a chorale of strategic shock from Islamic nations and establishments especially the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This response was necessary as the Gulf countries play a vital role in many key areas in India. Examples include more than 90 lakh Indians residing in the gulf region, gulf countries accounting for than 55% of India’s remittance inflows and sourcing its fuel needs etc.

The OIC appropriately called attention to the fact that such comments accelerate disdain and maltreatment of Islam in India and featured the continuous practices against Muslims.

This searing yet precise assertion put the Indian foreign ministry on edge as it explained that the government of India pays the most elevated regard to all religions and that these comments don’t mirror the perspective of the Indian government. BJP has once again chosen to turn a blind eye towards such scornful speech. At this point even the US State Department in its yearly report to the Congress on global strict opportunity asserted that assaults on individuals from minority networks, including killings, attacks and terrorizing, occurred in India all through 2021.



Norovirus is a communicable disease

Norovirus is a contagious virus that induces vomiting and diarrhea upon infection. Due to its impact on the gastrointestinal system of the body, the virus is also called as ‘stomach flu’ or ‘stomach bug’. Not just kids, but anyone can get affected by the Norovirus. These viruses are notorious in spreading quickly through contaminated food and surfaces.

If you are in direct contact with someone who is infected with the Norovirus, you are more likely to catch the virus. Apart from this, eating food or having liquids that are contaminated with the virus, touching surfaces or objects contaminated with Norovirus and then touching the face or eating something out of the same hands without washing can also help the virus reach your body. The food which is grown or harvested with contaminated water can also spread the virus.

The common symptoms of Norovirus are vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping, chills, headache and muscle aches. The symptoms can appear within 12 hours of exposure to the virus and can also come 1-2 days later.

Dehydration is a major health risk during the Norovirus attack. Young children, older people and those with weak immune system should not let themselves dehydrate.

In order to prevent the Norovirus infection, one should wash his/her hands thoroughly, especially after using the toilet, before eating, before cooking food and before serving food to anyone. After each episode of vomiting and diarrhea, disinfect the entire household. Avoid eating sea foods without cooking them properly as contaminated water is one of the main reasons for the spread of Norovirus. Remain isolated for at least 3 days after your recovery so that others may not get infected.


Mumbai, India

Elizabeth celebrating platinum jubilee

It bestows me with great pleasure to witness Queen Elizabeth-II celebrated the platinum jubilee on 6 February this year that marked her seven-decade reign in the UK. Her majesty the Queen has been on the throne since 1952 and has set a primark of excellence for generations to come. Although the UK falls under a democratic framework, it is a monarchy which means that it is ruled by a single person. Nevertheless her highness the Queen played her role effectively not maintaining the United Kingdom’s economy but also its sovereignty across the globe

Due to its well developed state with high standards of living and services, people from around the world wish to be a British citizen. All these celebrations take me back to when Zimbabwe was a British colony and gained independence on 18 April 1980. Back then, it was a rising economy in Africa but now struggles with poverty proving its decision to be extremely defective. More than 70% of their population live below the national poverty line and the entire countrty struggles with war, hyperinflation and industrial mismanagement etc.

Corrupt brutal ZANU PF leaders are known for persecuting human rights and killing innocent people for speaking up for the country. Such poor living standards have caused trafficking of many Zim citizens to other countries for a better life. The current state of Zimbabwe is a shame to humanity. President Mnangagwa and his government should resign immediately because they have failed the nation. Humanity doesn’t desreve this. Zimbabwe doesn’t deserve this.



Child marriage

Child marriage is an informal or formal marriage between two people in which both or either of them is a child. A marriage that happens before the age of eighteen is considered to be a child marriage. Girls have been forcefully put into marriage with an undesired partner against their own will for around decades now. Girls fall victim to child marriage more than boys.

Child marriage has dangerous effects on a girl’s health and education. When a girl gets impregnated at an early age, her reproductive system is sensitive and not fully developed to go through pregnancy stages resulting in several complications during childbirth. Due to early marriage, girls remain uneducated and fail to contribute to the society financially. Educated women play a significant role in economic growth of a country but due to the subtraction of countless girls from getting educated, the social and economic growth of a country is terribly impacted.

Since after the Covid-19 pandemic, child marriage rate has increased exponentially. Statistically Nigeria possesses the highest child marriage rate across the globe where more than seventy-five percent of the girls get married before the age of 18. Moreover there are 44 countries where child marriage is legal. Several laws have been introduced worldwide to help stop child marriage. The United Nations aims to put an end to child marriage by 2023 to protect and ensure millions of girls’ rights to education and freedom so that they are entitled to live a healthy and self sufficient life.




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