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Well done Shahbaz Sharif

Newly-elected PM Shahbaz Sharif recounted the grave problems the country currently faces but promised to meet the challenges with the joint efforts of the allied parties. It was refreshing to hear him declare that there was neither any traitor in the past nor is there any now. He also promised to resolve the issue of “the letter” by holding a meeting of the National Security Committee.

This would take the wind out of sails of the PTI’s rationale for starting a movement. After political defeat in Parliament former PM Imran Khan has meanwhile chosen to simultaneously confront the new govt, the courts and the establishment by recourse to street power. With people waiting for the new govt to bring reforms, it is unlikely to expect large protests before the next elections.

The PTI leadership termed the no-confidence move a foreign conspiracy. Meanwhile social media trolls viciously attacked SC judges and military leaders. Meanwhile, the PTI has called for urgent elections. Imran Khan hopes to win elections by creating an anti-US wave through a concocted conspiracy theory that is about to be exposed. The opposition also desires for fresh elections however after electoral reforms have to be enacted to make the elections transparent. Since Imran Khan has ordered a new census prior to the elections, he has to blame himself if these cannot be held immediately.

The ECP maintains that preparations may take almost six months. Imran Khan needs to control his adventurous streak which can destabilise the country at a time when, thanks to the apex court, weak but clear signs of stability are appearing in the form of a strengthening rupee and the benchmark KSE-100 index soaring more than 1,500 points on Monday. As Shahbaz Sharif put it, the country needs dialogue rather than division at this critical economic situation of the country.



Benefits of reading newspaper

The newspaper is one of the most read and lovable written papers. It is a factor of knowledge that is full of national and international information, news

Moreover, it makes us aware of current affairs and also builds the passion for learning in our hearts. It leads to a habit of reading books as well as helping us to become great writers. Most importantly, it also improves the vocabulary and grammar of a person. You can learn new words and rectify your grammar by reading newspapers.

In addition, a person who reads newspapers can speak smartly on various topics. They simply socialize better as they are aware of common topics. Unfortunately, while having so many benefits still our youths are busy using mobile phones, scrolling on social media instead of reading newspapers. Maybe they aren’t aware of the benefits of reading newspapers. They must aware of the fact that if we have a newspaper in hand then we won’t need any company because it is one of the most beneficial habits We should read newspapers on a daily basis to gain numerous benefits.


Malir, Karachi

Muslims in Karnataka State

After seeking a ban on halal and Muslim traders in Hindu temples and religious fairs, the Hindu organisations in India’s Karnataka State have now started another campaign asking Hindus not to engage Muslim drivers and Muslim-owned transport companies when they go for temple tours and pilgrimages.

Prashanth Bangera of Bharatha Rakshana Vedike made an appeal to Hindus not to take Muslim drivers with them when they go for temple trips and pilgrimages. He had also given out a call to not to use vehicles owned by Muslim transport companies. Isn’t this ridiculous of him?


Mumbai, India

Open letter

to new PM

PLEASE accept profound felicitations to you, your family and combined opposition parties on your extremely hard earned almost certain election as Prime Minister of Pakistan by the National Assembly on Monday 11 April 2022 and for being the spearhead of the concerted efforts of the combined opposition parties of Pakistan to get rid of the previous government, which completely enslaved our motherland with the chains of the unimaginable harsh conditions for getting hardly $ 3 billion loans from the IMF.

By the Grace of Allah, it is hoped that with the sheer dint of your hard work, integrity, unwavering ability to relentlessly focus on an issue and unflinching commitment, you will also get miraculous success in the next most hard challenge of your life, of reinvigorating economy of Pakistan, virtually from the ashes.Hope you know the secret of success of the arduous nation building task, which lies in the selection of the most competent right person for the right job, selected purely on merit, without any personal likes and dislikes.

However, kindly remember, no nation building task can succeed, without uniting a badly divided nation and the secret of uniting a nation lies in fairly dealing with all segments of society with justice.

Japan, China, France and Germany are the living examples of how countries, which were totally reduced to the stone age by the devastation of atomic bombs and the ravages of the world war II were rebuilt by their visionary leaders, using the magic of unity and inculcating discipline in the society.

In unity lies the strength and our huge manpower is our biggest asset. Wishing you and your team the best of luck in your future endeavours to rebuild Pakistan, as per your personal commitment with the nation.