Violence against Indian Muslims


HARDLY any day now passes without hate crimes or violence against Muslims in India. Clashes have now been reported between Hindus and Muslims from four Indian states as Hindu hardline groups took out processions to mark a religious event.

In Gujarat, curfew has been imposed after one person died in clashes. In Madya Pradesh, while the Home Minister said that seventy seven people have been arrested, social media claims have surfaced that most of them arrested are Muslims.

In today’s India, the Muslims have become second class citizens as they consistently being targeted by extremist Hindus but not getting any sort of protection or support either from police or the judiciary.

In fact there are instances where police has been found complicit in anti Muslim mob violence.

The memories of Delhi riots are still fresh in our minds where the police abetted violence against Muslims.

Hindutva ideology being pursued by current Indian regime does not believe either in secularism or minority rights.

Hindutva groups do not regard Muslims as a minority, but rather as oppressors of Indian history, which in fact has nothing to do with reality.

The Hindu extremists are now making open calls for the genocide of Muslims.

Whilst all sorts of restrictions are being imposed on the Muslims, situation at present is such that they are living in an environment of fear.

It is really lamentable that the international community is acting as a silent spectator on the whole matter.

Had such sort of blatant human rights violations been taking place against minorities in any Muslim country, heaven would have fallen by now and that country would also have faced its consequences.

Such sort of discrimination is dangerous for the peace and stability of the region and the world at large.

These Indian Muslims are also humans and their rights need to be protected.

Responsibility rests with the major capitals to come forward and rein in New Delhi from further persecution campaign.

Whilst Pakistan has consistently been raising voice for Indian Muslims, it is also for other Muslim countries to express solidarity with these oppressed people both in words and actions.


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