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New world order

In the world there is an independent state system but these independent states are under the control of hegemonic state system. In hegemonic system, there are two or more states that dominate the whole world and set the rules of the game; the rules which preserve the power of great powers.

In WW1, the hegemonic state system was of multipolarity. In multipolarity there are various states that want to dominate the world. This multipolarity caused the First World War and Second World War which affected the whole world and nations brutally. Then, after the WW1 and WW2 we saw the evolution of hegemonic state system. After the WW2 the bipolarity prevails in the world. There were two poles of power in world US and USSR. That was the era of cold war which is also called as battle of superpowers.

Bipolarity also undergoes evolution and then unipolarity emerged in the world. In unipolarity, there is one pole of power which means only major power as US after the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991. At present, unipolarity is still sustained that ensured the America as superpower. But, now the World Order is going to change. The unipolarity of the world is challenged by bipolarity and multipolarity.

China and Russia are the states that are challenging the American superpower status. World is divided in blocks under the supremacy of great powers which is the great threat to the existence of peace and this world. Russia and Ukraine war may be considered as inauguration of great destruction. United Nations, world leaders and the peace stakeholders have to pay attention towards this alarming situation which can become the cause of Whird World War and this war would destroy all the life on earth.



School in

Kohi goth

I want to draw the attention of the relevant authorities towards the lack of secondary school in Kohi goth. Kohi goth is a small area of Karachi which is located in Malir near Quaidabad. It is a well-populated region as well as the four provinces people are living here, but it lacks quality education at secondary level because there is only one junior school which has a messy environment. Students encounter many woes while eavesdropping to lectures.

On the other hand, students cannot get acknowledgment because this is a private school. Those who can expend more money will get admission, but others are poor and cannot afford to pay supplementary payments.

Mostly, students have left their studies because they were compelled to go to a far-flung area from the village because it was beyond their capacity to pay the expenditure of the buses and rickshaws. I request the Sindh government to build a secondary school in this village because it can only show us the direction of success.



Nobel medal

No kudos is enough for the Russian journalist and 2021 Nobel Peace laureate Dmitry Muratov for his decision to donate his Nobel medal for auction so as to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees.

Minimum voice of protest — be it a peaceful slogan shouting or simple inscription of “NO WAR” — are being tamed with iron hand in Russia with even children, women or senior citizens not getting spared from detention, imprisonment and severe punishment. The Novaya Gazeta newspaper — Muratov is the editor-in-chief of which — was already facing the ire of Kremlin for long for daring to criticise the policies of the State or Vladimir Putin. Now in these times of “Special Military Operation” with all sane countries of the world providing all forms of support to the brutally-attacked Ukraine; the “super-sensitive” Russian State is in no mood to view “dissent” in the light of forgiveness.

So Muratov is well aware of the severe consequences he might have to encounter, thanks to his unique sacrifice of even the prized Nobel medal drawing international attention resembling a tight slap upon the State apparatus. Yet he has not hesitated to take this extreme bold step despite residing in Russia and thereby endangering his freedom, safety, career, future and even life just to respond to his Call of Conscience and offer financial/moral assistance towards people of foreign vintage i.e. the Ukrainian refugees!

Dmitry Muratov has practically proved through sheer action that Humanity is infinite times Greater than blind rabid “Nationalism”! So instead of uttering zealous rhetoric of “My Russia is Great” and supporting the aggression akin to Dark Medieval Ages, Muratov can protest against his very own (in terms of mere passport) so as to embrace the God’s own i.e. human beings of the world (that too persecuted) by transcending narrow definition of “Nation”.


Kolkata, India

Road accidents

Road accidents in Pakistan are a matter of no concern except for the bearers. The role of authorities to curb traffic casualties by enacting strict legislation. The concerned traffic authorities of all provinces are taking barely any measures to enlighten the general public or individuals visiting these offices to acquire their driving license.

Every year thousands of innocent commuters succumb to road accidents in Pakistan owing to carelessness and violation of traffic regulations along with the casualty of millions of rupees. In the past seven years, Islamabad lonely has witnessed about two thousand road accidents resulting in the casualty of 1,000 loved ones. Punjab also witnessed the highest number of accidents – both fatal and non-fatal. This composed 43% of the total accidents till date.

The advanced countries initiated very strict and significant laws for drivers and road accident percentages are lawfully regulated where supremacy of traffic regulations are ensured. A single accident sans a lethal casualty is a matter of primary concern for the administrations of those countries but this is sadly not the case in Pakistan.

Moreover, the administrations and concerned departments ought to pursue traffic laws, avoid over speeding and do not drive vehicles unless authorized. An iota of negligence results in a massive casualty to screaming for the rest of their life. As an accountable and law-abiding citizen, every individual must follow the traffic rules for personal as well as others’ safety.


Kandhkot, Sindh


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