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Pay heed to people’s suffering

People in Sindh Province are suffering from nightmarish social problems, agonies, trials and tribulations. Owing to corrupt political elements and primitive toxic culture that is pushing the province to all sought of agonies. Because of low literacy rate people of the province are totally unaware of their rights provided by the 1973 constitution.

Feudalism and their agents are controlling the province and doing what they desire. Hundreds of thousands of people went to the mouth of death owing to primitive culture of feudalism. The prevailing power of influential people is pushing people to a nightmarish future.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Unannounced load shedding

The nuisance of disruption of electricity for several days has become a serious and regular issue for citizens of Tangwani and its surrounding villages. The population of this town is more than fifty thousand. The Sukkur Electric Power Company’s (SEPCO) officials deliberately disconnect the feeder that is supplying electricity to our town and adjoining villages. The whole city remained in complete darkness for last many days and prolonged power-outage creates many hard ships for citizens.

The business activities come to a halt due to frequent power failure. Concerned authorities turned a blind eye to this matter and elected political figures are also silent spectator over this unannounced power load shedding. Shopkeepers especially tailors are sick of the undeclared power-outage as their business gets badly affected. It is daily routine that either electricity remains suspended round the clock or plays hide and seek. The Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Kandh Kot, Line Superintendent and concerned Linemen of SEPCO willingly keep the electricity of Tangwani feeder disconnected to put citizens into agony and trouble on daily basis. The rich people have installed solar-panel systems in their homes as replacement for electricity while poor people and business community are facing a lot of problems.


Via email

Global warming

A sharp rise in earth’s temperature is creating many problems for its inhabitants. Due to cutting of a large number of trees, carbon dioxide is increasing in our atmosphere, which is one of the main causes of global warning. During last 100 years, temperature on earth’s surface has risen by 0.5 degrees Celsius.

If temperature continues to rise at such a level, it would create severe problems for the world. The problems include quick melting of ice sheets, rise in sea levels, change in weather patterns and more flooding in low lying areas as well as more droughts. The recent torrential floods that damaged a large number of houses and claimed many lives across the country are bitter examples to learn from. I request people not to cut trees and concerned organisations must maintain balance in environment.


Via email

Child labour

Child labour is exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school and socially and morally harmful. Child labour is very common in Pakistan. The main reasons for emergence of child labour in bigger cities are unhealthy family life and economic deprivation.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines child labour as work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children. Creating ‘Inclusive Learner Friendly Environments’ (ages 3-18 years) across settings as diverse as slums and villages. Initiate a dialogue with children and families to send children to school, provide admissions assistance. Its aim is to stop all work by children that jeopardises their education and development.


Kohat, KP

Human rights

With reference to international human rights day, it pains me to portray the foggy picture of our folks. We, being human, have decreased our humanitarian value on the cost of lynching people on the basis of blasphemy, ruining chastity of women to quench down our lust and we don’t even spare little children of sexual exploitation.

Despite these ‘deeds’ we still raise slogans of championing the cause of humanity. The lynching of Sri Lankan man and beating of woman by ripping out their clothes on international human rights week has caused a bad name to our country worldwide. Such growing cases is daily routine in our country. The recent incident of rape and murder of a Hindu kid in babarloi, sukkur, Sindh defamed Muslim community living in the region. The number of reported cases of underage and forced marriages is another cause of worry. We are chauvinist to the core, our actions stand against feminism and we’re religiously bigoted fanatics. We should not only portray ourselves, as Muslims by name but our action should reveal us as Muslims.

Islam is religion of peace based on humanity. It lays great stress on rights of minority, rights of women and rights of neighbour. If we surrender ourselves to will of Almighty Allah then we shall never go astray and would easily be able to maintain peace in our country and world.


Agra, Sindh


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