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Exorbitant petrol bomb

The incumbent government has once more resorted to hike up the prices of petroleum products of petrol by Rs10.49 per litre and of high-speed diesel by Rs12.44 per litre.

With the constant price hike in petrol prices conducive to an unprecedented inflation level that have plunged many a live into quagmire situation.

Petrol, an item of daily use, is generally directly proportional to the life of an ordinary people, without it their life is arduous, impossible to survive.

Pakistan’s inflation rate has been going through the roof day by day, the masses are wailing, languishing and are unable to purchase daily commodities which they feed on to mollify/satisfy their bellies. People are unable to make their both ends meet and afford two square meals meals a day.

They voted Imran Khan as saviour. He is earnesty requested to depute some responsible peron to go to a city square and read the faces of labourers looking for work and get the glimpse how tough this life is.

Government must curb soaring prices by taking timely measure or else it will have debilitating impact on economy.

Kandhkot, Kashmore

Kisan portal

Kisan Portal is a special category which has been launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan for farmers in Pakistan Citizen Portal.

It helps small and voiceless farmers to talk to powerful people. It has been noted that 90% farmers hold a very small land and their problems never get to people in power.

Farmers are observed very hard working but their voice remains dormant in front of powerful people. The farmers pay a high price while buying input from market. They are in a critical situation.

The farmers really work hard while cultivating any crop still they are affected two sides. First, the sugar mills make them wait in long lines when they take their sugarcane there.

Second, as compared to biggest farmers here they get the lowest price though it’s their fundamental right to receive full price of their crop. However, PTI government is putting efforts on farmers.

After farmers received a deserving amount, productivity is observed increasing. Past years Pakistan reduced spending it’s research and the countries that invested in research and achieved success in agricultural productivity.

If a country doesn’t do research, participate in seed development then how can that increase productivity? Pakistan just lacks management quality.

On the other hand, right now Europe is producing milk six times greater than other countries because it knows the usage of its cows. Pakistan imports dry milk instead of having so many cows. It is though not tough to increase the yield of cows.

Besides that, Pakistan had not been working to build dams and reservoirs that could help farmers gain more water and to utilize the uncultivated land in the country.

Pakistan has initiated building dams exactly after 50 years with the aim to get farmers more water.

Thus, the quality of PM Imran’s thoughts is inspiring since he missions to empower underprivileged people across Pakistan.

To give direct subsidy to farmers the Premier has introduced Kisan Card through which small farmers get money directly.


Bollywood stars and their kids?

Why does the NCB pull out only Bollywood stars and their kids? All the rich and famous in Mumbai are into rave drug parties.

But the NCB will never pull out the industrialists because that doesn’t make news like the way Bollywood does.

Pulling out Bollywood stars and naming and raiding the stars and star kids gives a kind of publicity to the NCB. It is always easy to put Bollywood names in the wrong places.

I admit that these parties are common not only in Bollywood, but in most of the crème de la crème parties of Mumbai. But the NCB seems to be just obsessed with Bollywood.

A walk down Colaba Causeway where some of the best schools and colleges of Mumbai are located, you can spot and smell young students smoking up in the narrow lanes and bylanes of the city.

So why does it become big news when a Bollywood star or their kid gets involved in a drug racket? On the other hand, a lot of beggars who sit on the roadside take drugs like cocaine and ganja openly. The NCB should arrest them too.

Mumbai, India

Dwindled scope of integrity

Unquestionably we prefer flattery and ambidextrous over righteousness and sedulity. The foolishness of ours’ making our only life chaotic by living in superstitions over reality. We left no stone unturned to get some applaud for being sage (specious).

The chameleonic act of ours’ keep deteriorating our morals and values as well as making us unknown from them in which a society stands.

Feeling sorry to see our ethics and ethos are being unacquainted gradually. The quest of spotting flaws never let us be quiet, no matter how err-less the person or its work is.

We judge others by not their introspection but by considering ourselves the perfectionist which is fully exploitation.

As we made ourselves conceited in that manner we every time refuse others’ triumphant no matter how close or un-associated it is to us, as an arrogant one feels irritated when someone feels happiness.

Often, we demoralize the one who thinks differently or try to do something unusual at that time we wear the mask of a comedian and start mocking and even if one cross that complexity then we start to burn because at that time jealousy originates.

The leading causes of putting ourselves backwards are jealousy, ego, lack of forbearance and scarcity of nurture that often coated with self-esteem.

Kandhkot, Sindh

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