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Sindh’s most lawless city’

Unfortunately, nowadays My Lovely Larkano has become completely lawless city in the province of Sindh.

Armed robberies and car snatchings in a broad day light have become the order of the day in the district.

The police are unable to control powerful thugs and thieves and drug cartels in the district.

How this city, once the safest city in the province, has become the most dangerous and lawless? It is a point to ponder over.

Pak tax system & black markets

I have always wondered why there is such a high demand for US dollars or gold or property in Pakistan.

Our country is not a major exporter, while gold collection is not part of our religion and high property prices in a developing country is an oxymoron thought.

Since bank accounts, saving certificates and prize bonds are now taxed the only options available for hiding your wealth in Pakistan are cash, in local or foreign currency or gold or in property, which can include income from agriculture.

The current Government of Pakistan is taking the right step to digitalize record of properties and manage sale and purchase of property. Gold and currency sale are also now managed under government regulations. But we still see illegal sale of currency, gold and property files in Pakistan.

Therefore the Government needs to form tougher punishment for illegal sale of currency, gold and property. The Government should monitor the sale by sending in undercover agents pretending to be customers. In the first year it can issue warnings to everyone that is caught, but after that they should punish the culprits.

Similarly the Government can easily find an estimated production of an agriculture farm just by measuring the land cultivated. This way using a drone, estimated yield, estimated income and estimated tax can be calculated for each farm.

The farmer can provide actual sale details at time of tax payment. If only 2.5 hectare and above farms are targeted then only 40% of agriculture land will be taxed. Unless all these avenues of hiding wealth are brought under the tax net, we can never see healthy tax income for Pakistan.


All that glitter is not gold!

In spite of dropping atomic-bomb on Japan; killing poor Muslims of Afghanistan for 20yrs by spending: two kharab twenty-six arab dollars; withholding ($10 billion) foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan.

Even then, American leadership is still dancing for saving human beings from ‘Covid-virus…’ which is still a question-mark like 9/11-drama.

After entering-and-then-fleeing of British from this region, and due to wrong ventures of India & Co., institutional development of the regional countries could not be developed up-till-now de facto.

Moreover, some Western media outlets are creating hype knowingly about Afghanistan. Though, Taliban have not resorted to any reprisal/retribution yet, such lies.

Why (?) The Taliban government has stated that there will be no barriers on women’s education; employment if within injunctions of Islam. Even then, opposition of US; India; Israel; UK… is going on.

This is not helpful for the development of friendly relations over the global-village for which they are trumpeting round-the-clock.

Recently, the Taliban government stated that they will introduce Shariah punishments (which are) logical and legal.

Because, implementation of Islamic-laws in an Emirate established on the basis of Islam are must. Otherwise, disillusion could spread over the world about Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Note it – best solution is that, world must recognize new government of Afghanistan and establish good relationship instantly.

And, on the other hand, Taliban must remove flaw/s if any. Once such a society is re-established, then reforms could be implemented easily.

Moreover, Afghanistan has reservoir of (+$ 3 trillion) which could be utilized for betterment of global-village like: lithium, uranium, copper, gold, barite, chromites, coal, iron ore, lead, natural gas, petroleum, sulfur, salt, zinc, talc and rare earths, gemstones, emerald, ruby, red garnet and what not. O’ this was (also) a reason behind US & Co. for capturing Afghanistan’s mountain. So, certainly, all that glitter is not gold.

Tatrinote, AK

Self-defence courses for women

With each passing every day, we witness numerous harassment and rape cases reported on mainstream media outlets.

It is extremely depressing that increasing number of harassment and rape cases have haunted women who are commuting to their workplaces.

Besides launching women safety applications by the government, it would be a good initiative to introduce self-defence courses among women at their primary and secondary levels.

Women participation in this discipline of art of self-defence will strengthen them enough to face any challenge and hazard. This will improve their physical fitness as well as protection.

The authorities concerned should in establish gyms throughout the country for training and guidance of self-defence courses regarding providing a conducive atmosphere for women.

Lastly, the writer appreciates the recently launched initiative by the Islamabad police that has announced a self-defence course for females, which includes their physical training, armed training and assault course.


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