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Pakistan in Olympics

World eyes Tokyo Olympics 2020 as every nation competes for glory in cut-throat sport competitions. However, Pakistan has begged nothing but disappointment.

Arshad Nadeem was the sliver lining for the country but his sole appearance raises many questions. He’s the only one to make it to final.

Yet this isn’t new for the nation. Since 1952 Olympics, Pakistan has won mere three gold medals with a total of 10. Our undue craze with cricket led us to this situation.

In almost seven decade, there has been absolute failure to put a good show. I don’t understand the purpose of Pakistan Olympic Association and other sport authorities? Funds go in vain and players hardly get any appreciation? Cricket in our country has really marginalised all other sports, which is extremely humiliating. A country of 220m can’t win a gold medal and that demands serious retrospection.

Khairpur Mir’s, Sindh

Tourism is causing more pollution

Tourism contributes about 9% in global GDP but its share in Pakistan’s GDP is negligible in spite of the fact that country has a great potential in this field. So we will have to promote it to get a reasonable share in our economic growth.

To be honest, we have a big list of problems in this regard. One of the major problems is spread of pollution by tourism activities.

Major tourist activities that are popular worldwide are skiing, trekking, angling, paragliding, boating and photography.

But the most important problem, which is associated with all of these activities, is damage to natural ecosystems through littering, spread of plastic wastes, noise, air and water pollution.

Murree is the most famous and visited tourist spot in the country because of its natural beauty, mild climate, easy approach and better facilities for tourists yet this popularity has become a problem for Murree. This hill-station is overcrowded especially during weekends and vacations.

This is causing a great deal of pollution here and it has very badly affected the beauty and attraction of this place, which was called ‘Malka-i-Kohsar’. Similar problems are visible on other tourist spots like Naran and Swat valleys.

Who is responsible for this? The answer of this question is not complex. Major responsibility goes to tourists and then to government.

We can see information and instruction boards placed on several prominent places for tourists but mostly they are ignored by not acting upon them.

This is government responsibility to enforce such rules, laws and take measures to control this pollution. We can follow the example of Singapore where heavy fines are imposed on violation of rules and regulations.

Via email

Interaction between people

There was a time when people use to meet and share good bonds with one another. But, alas! That environment is no more.

Today, everyone is busy in one owns world. No one has time for other. And this has caused many problems for new generation. They can neither take a good decision nor can they be satisfied with what they do.

There are many reasons that have shaped the new age differently, such as spread of cell phone, haughtiness, relying on others and so on.

No doubt people got benefits from many scientific inventions yet on the other hand such inventions greatly reduced social interaction. This made man a machine-relying creature that never tried to attend social gatherings.

Cell phones made man lethargic mentally as well as physically. This dependency made man weaker and now no one can live a second without cell phone. They leave productive gatherings of their seniors and parents.

Additionally, haughtiness has further ruined human nature. Everyone thinks himself to be perfect. There are two things: confidence and arrogance. Confidence builds you while arrogance and haughtiness breaks you.

Today, no one can be found getting knowledge from others. What compels them to not learn is their wrong perception of being perfect. Earlier everyone yearned to learn more and more and get new ideas.

Via eamil

Rising inflation

One of the most important factors contributing to poverty in Pakistan is rising inflation that has become a finical problem since 2012.

It is identified as a situation where general price level in the country is consistently moving upward.

Similarly, high price of each and every thing has increased that create problems for people to feed their families and situation becomes more dire every year during Ramazan.

In the year 2020 rate of inflation was 10.74 while in 2021 rate has come down to 8.66. The rate is again increasing day by day yet government is busy in fighting political battle with the opposition. Government must take solid action to overcome this public issue.

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