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FATF and Pakistan

Pakistan continuous to be in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for at least another year raises questions among the people of Pakistan.

Astonishingly, after immensely compliance ’26 of the 27 ‘ target points previously given by financial action task force.

Deploring FATF’s decision to retain Pakistan on its grey list seems to be an impulsive reaction of “Absolutely Not”.

Pakistan has made significant progress fulfilled commitment and address 26 out of 27 action it had made in 2018 action plan, though Pakistan has to deliver on seven new points for interpretation the deficiencies in its Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the finance terrorism.

Morover, ‘some forces’ can not digest consistent financial ameliorate financial dealing strategies and steadfastness of Pakistan in its system and world economic race.

The watchdog of ‘some forces’ made a pregnant pause on the neighbouring country of Pakistan as it the member of Asian Pacific Group and FATF. Pakistan is oscillating on the uniform cycle of success.


Why only in Ramazan?

The month of Ramadan is full of blessings and is also called king of months. In this month, people do different kinds of worship like reciting the Holy Qur’an, praying every Salah and so on. In this month, we can also see big numbers of people in mosques.

First ten days of this month are called days of mercy, second ten days are known as days of forgiveness and the last ten days are blessings which are identified as being freed from hell.

Not only these but also in this month, there is a night that is called Shab-e-Qadr which is more prestigious than thousands of months.

But, whenever the month of Ramadan ends the number of people in mosques begin to decrease day by day.

They leave offering five time prayers, do not recite the Holy Book and do not perform any other worships. As prayer is known as second Pillar of Islam. it is source of forgiveness.

It helps people avoid sins and bad deeds. I have a question from those people, who offer prayers and recite Holy Qur’an only in the month of Ramadan. Does Allah Almighty only order that Muslims should pray and recite only in this month? I think it is not so.

As Umar ibn al-Khattab said,” There can be no Islam in the person who does not offer Salah.”

In conclusion, I am humbly requesting all the Muslims that please offer your Salah on any condition as the Last Prophet said,” Pray while standing and if you cannot, pray while sitting and if you cannot even do that, then pray lying on your side.”

According to this Hadith, there is no any month mentioned, means in every month, we must pray our Salah and recite Holy Qur’an.


Expected Covid fourth wave

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has widely shaken all the roots of the whole life. It has affected about 200 countries with more than 67 million confirmed cases and 1.5 million deaths across the global including Pakistan.

Recently, there has been a talk of the fourth wave of the virus. It is a bolt from the blue for the whole nation.

Fearing that country might face another wave of Coronavirus, all countries need to review their strategies now” said Dr Michal J.Rayan member of (WHO).

However, we have seen a big improvement with regard to Coronavirus cases. We can say that it is a consequence of following (SOPS) and official instructions. It is a time to retain the ratio of corona cases in country.

There is no fait-accompli except to get vaccinated or following the SOPs as laid down adroitly by the PTI government.

Notwithstanding, people are showing their poor attitude towards the pandemic. It seems that they are deprived from official instructions or unaware from its grave destruction.

It is evident that no vaccine can give 100 percent protection. As long as we will not follow the SOPs we cannot save our lives. We will have to pay the huge price if the SOPS get neglected.

We ought to use masks at public places and keep social distance or must be vaccinated.

The Government must go beyond appeals to follow SOPs and demonstrate the best precautionary practices for citizens to follow. Otherwise, it will be a nightmare for the whole nation.

Sukkur Sindh

Water shortage

I wish to draw attention of the concerned authorities, through the medium of your newspaper towards an extremely tormenting situation of our neighbourhood.

For the past year, the people of Azizabad, Karachi, area are encountering excessive shortage of water, in spite of paying all the utility bills and taxes regularly.

Most of the time, the pressure of water is low and it takes a lot of time to fill the tank. I regret to point out that there’s no care-taker of the citizens to solve their problems.

The situation is getting worse as everyone can’t afford to purchase water from an external source, that too at exorbitant prices.

Therefore, the concerned authorities are requested to look into this matter without further delay and take earnestl steps to resolve this issue.


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