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Total confusion

The ever changing recommended time interval between the first and the second dose of Covishield vaccination is in total confusion in India.

The revised time interval, however, is not applicable to Covaxin. India is currently using only these two vaccines for its inoculation programme.

The gap between the two doses of Covishield vaccine has been increased for the fourth time in a row.

This clearly proves that the government is putting people’s lives at risk by using them as test subjects by injecting non-proven vaccines whose trials are still incomplete.

Many of us are also still confused and apprehensive about the jabs due to a lack of requisite information and peer-reviewed studies of the vaccines.

The next recommendation by the government of India will be — No need of taking the second dose of the vaccine.

Also, when the nation continues to battle with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur has claimed that cow urine can treat lung infection brought on by Coronavirus.

What is she trying to tell us? She’s just an ordinary person and not a doctor. Does she want to kill us?
Mumbai, India

Water under the brink
of fire

Water resource is a mineral resource that is crucial for our life. But sadly not everyone is capable of using this resource as ought to be used.

The right of using natural resources for citizen benefits is delegated under the protocols of and convention on the right of children within the articles of national resolution enlisted in the Geneva convention.

unfortunately, water scarcity according to the united nation will increase leading the African continent to drought.

Apart from this, water yet alone is the right of survival of children along with prior resources like food and shelter.

Water has been prioritized now-a-day from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh to Yemen, which is jeopardizing urban legends.

In order to resolve such resource politics united nation specifically (UNICEF) came up with three changes, under the campaign launched in 2019 as “ WATER UNDER FIRE CAMPAIGN” to drive the attention in those areas where water crisis erupts the most and the African continent is considered to be funded the most. so what are the precautionary measures for it?

1. emergency development of peace in the fragile and affected area: focuses on the need for immediate action and development for eradicating water scarcity.

2. focusing on building a strong humanitarian sector: building (WASH) sector for delivering and assisting freshwater to indigenous areas. 3.

preventing attacks on sanitation services and armory conflicts over water: focuses on the motive that: water is for all to use and live freely.

UNICEF is playing a role to bring a social change which needs co-operation the most and helping it further we should take action to save water for those who need them the most.

Education system

I wish to draw the attention of officials of our city towards lack of literacy in our city.

Karachi is one of the most populated cities with individuals of various dialects. Talented youth is suffering from deficiency of innovative studies.

Youths of our city do not want to go to school or have any interest in academic work because of our formal academic system.

As we all have seen the social dispute between students and officials on online examination issue.

If the youth were devoted to the academic this would not happen in this savage situation of Covid-19.

They could just follow SOPs and turn aside the issue and go through the examination process so the intellectual individuals could have the fair result of their hard work of years to get positions and have scholarships for their parents proud.

The fact is online examination or cancelling examination is very unsatisfactory decision to the other part of the not many youths (the intellectual ones).

The academic system should pull out the interest of the youth towards academic by improving the academic system and pull out them towards modern subjects/syllabus in their schooling system. So, they could have devotion towards academic.

Intermediate level of studies in our academic does not favour students to have interest or it could not get all from the talented students which they are capable of.

It is not about easing it for them but improving it to pull out their comprehensive interest in academic.

The percentage of passing students in intermediate in previous years before Covid-19 was not even half ever.

The government should work upon this catastrophic problem for the academic system.

your duty

We want our rights but are we performing our duties? We all are complaining yet doing our best not to follow SOPs.

We all are so focused on our entertainment that for us the decision of lockdown by government seems senseless

. Why we don’t pay our attention towards those who are fighting on front line. The load on doctors is double right now. They also have families.

We citizens of Pakistan always complain about our government for our rights but when it comes to perform duties we stand nowhere. I would like to request citizens of Pakistan to please follow SOPs.

Wear mask when you go outside and do not go out until it is really necessary.

I am also a student and our educational institutions are closed so that we could stay at home, so please do not spend moment to visit malls or playing cricket.

Stay inside it is for you safety.