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Pandemic effect on tourism

This pandemic has changed the life of every single person. No matter in which part of world you’re living the lifestyle has totally changed.

Every single person has been affected and the businesses have suffered badly; so as the travel operators as the tourism has stopped all over the world, thus devastating the business of travel operators.

The government’s concerned ministries should formulate some tangible policies with regard to tourism and release some funds to assist the travel operators in this critical situation.

Ceasefire dramaturgy

Whilst all the Muslim Ummah commemorates the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, I want to raise some arduous questions.

Is this going to stop the ferocity against the poor unarmed Palestinians? ”No” is the answer which is evident.

My next question is: will this ceasefire give back the 3000 Palestinian homes destroyed, “No” is the crystal clear answer.

The next heart-wrenching question is: will the ceasefire grant back the loved ones lost by the Palestinians at the hands of antagonist Israelis? Of course, “No” is the translucent answer.

Then, why is the Muslim Ummah and the peace-seeking world celebrating and praising the oppression causing party in this act.

Have the human-rights dissipated?
Will there be no sanctions placed on the ferocious Israel which has brought the world inches away from war? Will the UNO not be awakened from its deep slumber despite the ruthlessness of Israel?

Just because there’s a ceasefire does not mean destruction has stopped and death toll is paused, neither does it mean that all the losses suffered will be paid nor does it mean Palestinians are truly free.

This just does not stop the violence nor guarantees that there won’t be any forced evictions and Palestinians will be safe and live freely as a citizen must.

This is just a plot played by the hypocritical and deep-pocketed Jews to decelerate and then paralyse the world-wide protests executed by the peace-loving people and the Muslim Ummah.

Therefore, we need to keep an eye skinned on these oppressors and continue raising our voice for the dreadful situation of Palestinians and make sure that we conclude and execute it in such a way which brings comfort to the oppressed and make sure the situation does not camouflage with that of Kashmir.
Palestine —
a burning question

At last, after heavy bloodshed, a ceasefire was implemented in occupied Palestine. During 11-day long bloodshed, Israeli designs were fully exposed to the world.

The peace-loving masses all over the globe have strongly supported the cause of Palestinians and condemned abuse of force by Israel on innocent and armless Palestinians.

It seems that the international ruling clique has also noticed the atrocities and massacre by Israel in the territory.

The continuous sacrifices of Palestinians are bound to bring positive result in favour of their legitimate claim of sovereign State of Palestine within its historic boundaries.

It also became clear that the issue of Palestine is the flash point which can threaten peace in the region and world at large.

It is ironic that US President Joe Biden has even after such a bloodshed in Palestine, linked peace in the region with the security and recognition of existence of Israel.

Unfortunately, the USA has preferred to get the announcement of the UN Security Council delayed.

Such an attitude of a single member of the Security Council with veto power is absolutely undemocratic.

This suggests the immediate need of UN reforms so that the opinion of the majority in the Security Council should prevail.

I understand that Palestine is a burning question at this point of time. The Muslim world must strive to promote the cause of Palestine world-wide and launch a diplomatic offensive at the earliest.

Similarly, the civil society may also be approached internationally to gather support for the establishment of Palestinian State in accordance with the UN resolutions based on two-state solution.

Waste management

Waste management is essential in today’s society. Due to an increase in population, the generation of waste is growing day by day which is leading to many other problem and affecting the life of the people.

People living in slum areas are more close to waste disposal area, thus they are more prone to various diseases. In order to be healthy, proper waste management and proper sanitation is necessary.

Waste management is the managing of waste disposal and then recycling it. Waste management needs proper techniques.

For example, there are many methods by which waste is disposed of. Some methods are landfills, recycling, composting etc. Recycling is the much useful in the management of waste.

These methods are much useful in disposing of the waste without causing any harm to the environment.