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Sanity must prevail

Sanity must prevail, before all is lost and we become another Somalia. The Founding Fathers of Pakistan, men like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal waged a political struggle for the creation of a democratic welfare state for all citizens, with self-rule by people through their elected representatives, irrespective of their faith, ethnicity, creed etc. All citizens were to enjoy equal rights, opportunities and justice.

It was MAJ’s vision of Pakistan, which motivated Hindu Daltis of Bengal led by Jogenranath Mandal and others to find common ground with Muslim League to rid themselves of Hindu supremacist mindset.

Pakistan was not created to be a citadel of Islam, giving sanctuary to extremists, but a country which would focus on developing its human resources, through investment in science, economics, health and provision of basic necessities of life.

Unfortunately, what transpired after Quaid’s death was the exact reverse of what the Father of the Nation had envisioned.

We got involved in serving the strategic interests of others at the cost of our own national interest and security.

Democratic self-rule was replaced by military dictatorships, which created unrest and frustration amongst the Muslims of East Pakistan, although the foundations of Muslim League were laid at Dacca in 1906.

It must be remembered that Fatima Jinnah won a landslide in East Pakistan, when she stood up to challenge a dictator.

MAJ could never have imagined that Pakistan would degenerate into a country, which would compromise state sovereignty, whilst its citizens would be exposed to terrorism, extremism and the country become a haven for land grabbers, smugglers and cartels.

Jinnah could never have visualised that towns and cities of Pakistan would be held hostage by armed men of TLP and the state succumbed to their blackmail, even facing international sanctions.
Celebrating motherhood

Mothers Day is a day which is annually celebrated on the second Sunday in May all around the world. It is a day to honour and appreciate the mothers and motherhood.

We usually take the chores done by our mothers for granted and forget to appreciate them for their tedious tasks that they do out of unconditional love for us.

Therefore, we should not forget that being a mother is a fulltime job, without pay so acknowledging them is very necessary.

A mother’s love is priceless and irreplaceable hence a child can never ever pay back or match the love that a mother showers upon her child.

Be it human beings or animals, the best comfort that a living being can find is within its mother’s lap.

A mother’s hug is where a person can find peace and tranquillity and a feeling of serenity can be felt when a mother twirls her arms around the child.

So, in order to acknowledge and cherish the beauty of motherhood, “Mother’s Day” is celebrated.

There are several ways in which people celebrate this day such as spending time with their mothers, exchanging words of appreciation and love, giving them cards, gifts and flowers or taking them out for shopping and dinner.

I would like to quote the hadith of the Last Prophet (PBUH) here which is, “Jannah lies beneath the feet of the mother”.

This clearly tells us that if a person needs success in life or the hereafter then he should always give respect to the mother and take good care of her.

But I would suggest that instead of doing it just one day, people should make this a habit and show love and compassion towards their mothers on a daily basis because mothers are the ones who are regarded with the highest ranks in each aspect of life.


A mother is the first teacher and the first friend of her children. She carries her child in her womb for nine months and nurtures her little ones with all her heart and soul.

We celebrate Mother’s Day every year to thank our mothers for bringing us into this world.
Mumbai, India

Appeal to
the PM and the COAS

We the common citizens of Pakistan are highly frustrated and thoroughly disappointed with the current system of governance.

Most of its pillars are eroded right to their foundation, weakened mainly by incompetency, self interest and corruption.

The judiciary, parliament and the bureaucracy are working hand in glove to maintain the status quo as it best serves their individual interests.

Unfortunately, we are fast approaching systemic collapse that can be accelerated both externally and internally, externally through FATF in the backdrop of extensive money laundering by our invincible mafia/elite that have the full support of this rotten system.

Given the rampant spread of both Covid and corruption as well the fast widening divide between the two Pakistans, we urge the PM and COAS to declare emergency in the country, hold the constitution in abeyance and undertake immediate overhaul of our current judicial, parliamentary and executive system which has become subservient to the will of a few powerful elite/mafia.

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