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Inflation in Ramazan

The holy month Ramadan brings a lot of blessings and happiness. People really expect the relief from the Government of Pakistan but unfortunately the Government could not provide the relief to the public, instead plays in the hands of Mafias. Mafias increase the prices of essential food items and the poor have to suffer from it badly.

The prices of items like flour, oil, onions, rice, tomatoes and cloth etc are not in control of Government.PTI-led Government had taken the votes from the public to control the mafias and inflation, ironically, it has miserably failed on this front.

The Government should take seriously the matter of inflation and devise necessary measures and strategies to keep the prices normal.

Chief Justice of Pakistan is also requested to take notice of this fatal issue and bring some happiness to the life of the ordinary people.

Judge’s murder in Swabi

The murder of a judge and three members of his family on the M-1 Motorway has sent shockwaves through the region. Apart from the judge, his wife, daughter-in-law, and grandson were also killed.

The attackers fled the scene after the attack. The brutal attack, which appears to have been a targeted one, took place despite the judge having a security detail.

This raises questions over both the standard and quantity of security, especially since the judge was on the bench of the Swat anti-terrorism court (ATC).

Reports suggest that the attack was motivated by a ‘personal enmity’, a catch-all term often employed by enforcement once they haven’t any leads.

Although a primary information report has been lodged against five named suspects, the very fact is that as an ATC judge, Aftab Afridi had hundreds, if not thousands, of very dangerous ‘enemies’. It would not be surprising if the attackers were a part of a larger conspiracy.

The victims of this attack aren’t just those that were killed or injured. The victims also are many Pakistanis who will worry that other ATC judges might imagine twice about the way to rule out the cases of dangerous terrorists or gangsters. Any ‘tough talk’ about not being influenced by threats or such incidents are often put aside.

Judges are also human beings. Even the bravest judge — one willing to place his or her life on the road for justice — might consider if their entire family was in danger. A functioning justice system requires security for all parts of the system.

It is also surprising that the authorities seem to have learnt nothing since the horrific motorway rape incident in September last year.

While no amount of security can completely prevent crime from happening, catching those liable for crimes on the motorway should be an easy business. Any car leaving any motorway has got to cross through a tract.

If there have been functioning cameras in at least toll plazas, simply knowing a car’s make and model would be enough to spot and hunt the perpetrators. All it would take is a little coordination. Sadly, even that appears to be an uphill task.

Water scarcity in Pakistan

Pakistan is among some countries facing extreme scarcity of water especially some metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore .

But still there we don’t take any meaningful steps for overcoming this issue. This shows how careless our people and government are .

Karachi met with zero day long before. After the depletion of ground water in Karachi , Lahore is moving in the same direction.

The ground water level has reached 600 to 1000 feet as compared to 100 to 150 in other parts of Punjab. And still no concrete steps have been taken so for .

The people and government are in criminal silence. And the day is not far off when zero day will be declared and then there is no point in repenting.

And if we don’t want to see this day so we have to bring the use of water under law like other development countries. And fine and penalties will have to be imposed on those who break the law. And people to be made aware of this nuance issue .

At the same time there is urgent need to highlight this issue in curriculum, mainstream and social media to make us aware of this issue and how to use water carefully .