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Farmers plight

Weather is mercilessly cracking down on the efforts of diligent farmers. The inclement and harsh weather has vandalized the golden crop of the year that is wheat.

Farmers lack technology to see weather forecast to manage their activities accordingly.

Weather is unstoppable but what is stoppable is the government’s reckless and ruthless attitude towards the farmers.

Being an agricultural country, we have been unable to explore the agricultural potential of Punjab.

The prices of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides are climbing up and up. For instance, the price of fertilizer DAP has increased from 3500 to 6000.
The farmers have been crushed.

The agricultural sector whose condition is aggravating needs attention. The government must provide amenities to farmers at affordable prices and loans to them. It should introduce a modern way of cultivation and harvest.

The flourishing agricultural sector is panacea for the economic burden on the country. The government should put the agricultural sector on its first priority.

trend of
social media

Social media has become a significant force within the world, as well as in Pakistan, compared to formal media.

Social media is extremely well-liked among the youth in terms of its use. Social media could be a tool that has individuals with communicative opinions. Its quality is growing quickly.

There’s little doubt that this era is that the quickest and most advanced era and is supplied with technology and social media here isn’t any but a blessing. wherever antecedently several books had to be probed for data, currently all with one click.

If you’re curious about reading, however, haven’t got enough cash to shop for books, don’t fret, there are tens of books on each subject for you on social networking sites.

“Too a lot of everything is harmful.” even as social media has infinite edges, there’s nothing a lot of harmful if victimized.

And whereas it’s a good resource, it’s additionally a vital tool in promoting false and inappropriate data.

Creeping death

Smoking is one of the leading causes of piteous and miserable death. This derogatory habit is increasing in our youth day by day.

Approximately 1200 adults start smoking everyday including a vast majority of university students. It is estimated that the prevalence of tobacco smoking is 36% in males and 9% in females.

Mostly our youth is adopting this habit from the social gatherings they are having, also from their parents and friends but the main and real cause of spreading this dolorous thing is our current social environment.

Most of the Pakistani youth start smoking maximally because of the depression and anxiety they are having from the society.

There are no jobs in our country. The Inflation and unemployment rate is at the peak right now measuring the previous statistics of 74 years. Although, there are also different scenarios by which youth is catching this disease but this is one of the leading scenarios.

Government should take responsible steps to stuck down this spreading virus more harmful than Covid or else our coming posterity would face tumultuous circumstances.

No to racism

When the word ‘Racism’ is mentioned what comes to mind? To most people racism is when one believes that his/her genetically physical characteristics is better than the characteristics of another race.

But what does not come to their mind is that racism did and can lead to the elimination of another race, division of a nation and the enslavement of another race, as it has taken place in history.

In this modern time where there are laws against discrimination of any sort and words like “We are created equally” are said almost everywhere, one will think racism does not exist and it is part of history, but racism still around because the causes of racism still exist. Therefore, we should examine the causes of racism.

Sometimes racism can develop among people of different races because of the lack of knowledge about the other’s race, culture, belief and history. Since little is known about the other race their behaviour can be misinterpreted. “

But why all of this Racism and Hate when the Last Prophet (SAW) said, “No person has superiority because of Colour, Race or Caste.”

Don’t waste your food

Along with being basic need Food is benediction enjoyed by all creatures of Allah. The statistics show that millions of people die out of hunger and poverty in particular.

If we take an example of our country, we would see that thousands of people are deficient of food.

Good ratio of people is compelled to live below poverty line and now people have started committing suicide even.

There are many peoples in the world who face a hard time to get even a single loaf.

Simultaneously, there are many people in the world who waste food items by arranging several and uncountable dishes at a time. This kind of practice has been witnessed in events.

Very often so we have gone through some glimpse on social media where people especially children eat from garbage basket or from bins lying in front of little hotels and (Dhabas).

The value of one time food could better be understood by those who are poverty stricken and downtrodden people. The picture of their pain and suffering can’t be depicted by those having bloated bellies.

The people of Africa Continent and some countries of Asia are counted amongst those unfortunates who take hunger and poverty as divine arrangement. It’s their destiny to live miserable life.

That looks too much wrong, worrying and disappointing situation. Additionally, those who waste food are also accountable in the court of Allah as throwing food makes Allah angry.
Karachi, Sindh