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A tribute to Barkat Ali

Malik Barkat Ali was one of the leading pioneers from Punjab in the political struggle waged from platform of All India Muslim League under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

He died on 5th April 1946. At a special session of All India Muslim League held in 1946 attended by 470 elected Muslim members of provincial assemblies, Quaid-i-Azam paid glowing tribute to him: “I am deeply grieved to hear the very depressing and sad news of the sudden death of Malik Barkat Ali.

He was from the very beginning a true and loyal member of the Muslim League, and on all occasions, he rendered the greatest service to Muslim India.

His advice and staunch support on all occasions was of greatest value to League and myself.

Muslim India has lost in him a great man, and I have lost in him, not only a colleague but also a great friend.

My deepest sympathies go out to his family in their bereavement for their irreparable loss.”

Malik Barkat Ali was elected to Punjab Legislature on the Muslim League ticket in 1937 and 1946. He alone represented Muslim League in Punjab Legislature from 1937 to 1945.

He participated in the annual sessions held at Bombay, Aligarh and Delhi in 1924, 1925 and 1926.

He was a close associate of Allama Iqbal, with whom he shared identical political views and this continued until Allama’s death in 1938.

The Punjab Muslim League session held on 12th May 1936 at Lahore elected Allama Iqbal as President, Malik Barkat Ali and Khalifa Shujauddin as Vice Presidents, Ghulam Rasool as Secretary and Ashiq Batalvi as joint Secretary.

On 19 June 1930 Malik Barkat Ali and Allama Iqbal, jointly sponsored a resolution with Gokal Chand and Nanak in Lahore High Court Bar, condemning the unfair trial of Bhagat Singh.

He was amongst four members nominated by Quaid-i- Azam to prepare draft of Lahore Resolution on 21 March 1940, which was adopted by the Executive Committee on 22 March and passed on 23 March 1940.
Commendable rescue efforts

The recent train crash in Taiwan that had taken many lives has caught attention of international community and media houses.

Unfortunately, such train accidents have been occurring across the world for quite a longer period of time.

Here, what strikes me most is the fact that rescuers had reached the accident area and carried out their life-saving efforts all just on time. In fact, all those media pictures indeed prove this fact.

Additionally, the rescue teams in Taiwan have always been on standby for readiness given its beautiful yet volatile geographical structure. This is really commendable on their part.

This beautiful island nation has been simply great on various fronts like people, culture, lifestyle, economy and natural resources.

Such inspiring things and even sad things like this Taiwan train tragedy have always been instrumental in understanding beauty of the events and things around the globe.
Maharashtra, India

CSS exam

Competitive examination for civil services was set-up for the first time in England in 1855. Today civil services operate entire machinery of the state.

Many have a dream to become a bureaucrat but unfortunately a few aspirants get through it.

Those candidates who could not pass the exam in first attempt make their way to CSS couching academies and pay exorbitant fees of Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000 for elective and compulsory subjects.

These couching academies hold one-day or two-day seminar in which in-service bureaucrats mesmerised budding aspirants with their claims of qualifying CSS exam with flying colours in six month or four month of preparation.

It is a hard nut to crack to qualify CSS within 6 month or 4 month of preparation. It could only be possible if your schooling is from reputable institutions of Pakistan where everything could be taught in English apart from Urdu and other vernacular languages, not for those candidates who passed their Elementary and Secondary education from less-prominent institution through copying in exam.

It could take more time for them to get command over English language then they would be able to qualify CSS exam.

For this, it will take maximum 1 year or 2 years preparation with sweet determination and consistency not by fits and starts.
Khairpur Mirs, Sindh

Use of junk food

During spread of Covid-19, self-isolation and physical distance have strongly affected people’s eating habits.

Continued reading and listening to media on Covid-19 creates stress and leads to overeating. Food craving has increased and people eat junk food as much as they can.

Restrictions on grocery stores have reduced the consumption of fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and people are taking more junk food snacks high in sugars and salt. Eating habits may threaten our health by increasing cholesterol level and other diseases.

The restriction at grocery stores led people to order junk food such as burgers, pizza etc. A good diet is crucial, especially in a period when immune system might need to fight back. And, in COVID-19 immune system should be strong.

Therefore, we should eat healthy because the ancillary health issues due to junk food during lock down will be felt for years to come.
Bagh, Azad Kashmir