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Smoking in young age

Today, smoking has become the favourite hobby of most of the students. They are at liberty in colleges and universities.

Boys feel a sense of pride while smoking. They want to impress opposite gender through this habit.

Some students adopt this habit by their choice but on the other hand some students claim that they release their anxiety and hypertension by smoking. At this age, students have many issues like study issues, parents pressure, love issues etc.

They are unaware of baneful effects that are caused by smoking.
Smoking is deleterious to health. Many respiratory diseases like lung cancer, asthma and many more are associated with it.

Smoking is the mother of drug addiction. Many students become addicted to heroin, marijuana and alcohol due to smoking.

Students are the great asset of any nation because they are the future of that nation. Future of Pakistan is associated with students.

Our students should take care of themselves and abstain from smoking for the sake of their good health as well as bright future of Pakistan.

Online classroom

Due to 3rd wave of Covid-19, mode of education is changed again. In online Classroom most of the students were sleeping because they placed their devices besides after login into the class.

In addition to this sometimes teachers were busy in other activities during classes, like making breakfast in kitchen, driving vehicles, child interruptions etc.
Mostly teachers don’t take classes.

No doubt there were network issues too in some areas but morality issues create more harm comparatively at both ends.

For the sake of progress and prosperity of our beloved country we need quality but due to this paralyzed system of education, we increase only quantity not quality.

Covid-19 already destroys our education system badly but our response to it causes more damage.

We should follow the given SOPs to protect ourselves from this fatal virus and also change our rude behaviour towards education to change the fate of Pakistan.

Rape cases

Rape is a painful yet horrifying reality a person can go through and just hearing its name give us chills and some people go through this.

There are at least 11 rape cases reported in Pakistan every day with over 22,000 cases were reported to the police and God knows how many people suffer from this and remain silent or even some people commit suicide because either they are black-mailed by the culprit or because of the fear of “what will the people think”.

I think it’s high time we break this stigma or will see more suicides and more rape crimes. We should bring justice to the victims and that’s the least we could do otherwise more suicides more mental health issues will be seen.

It is our government’s and police department’s responsibility to look at this matter seriously before this crime reaches the unstoppable level. Pakistan being a Muslim state should be a safe place to live.

Covid-19 3rd wave!

It is heart breaking to mention that, the economic situation in Pakistan is uncertain and the rates of inflation and unemployment have crossed all limits, of course, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Punjab on Sunday recorded more than 1,000 cases for the fifth consecutive day as the third wave of novel corona virus strengthens in the country.

The provincial government has imposed a lock-down in seven high risk cities, restricting the people to their homes, while all types of establishments, markets, commercial areas shall be closed by 6 pm.

Moreover, 978 cases were reported in Lahore, 89 in Sialkot, 76 in Rawalpindi, 15 in Jhelum 23 in Multan.

It is painful that, the country’s most populous province seemed to be in the eye of the brewing storm not because of the just high number of infected people but also due to the presence there of a rather hazardous strain of virus.

The infection rate is alarmingly increasing in Punjab. Gujranwala city has reported highest 9pc positivity rate of the virus. The total number of active cases in the country stood at 17, 628.

Hence the citizen should contribute positively towards preventing the corona virus and government must take prompt action and impose strict restrictions to overcome this condition.

Neglected physical activities

It is too clear to us that physical activities are our prime need nevertheless we went far and far from such blessings. Moreover, there was the era of competition.

People used to challenge to one another in every field of sports such as; Karate, Cricket, Boxing, Body building, Running, Jumping, Mounting, Swimming and football and so on.

Unfortunately today’s youngsters are standing at a large distance from such healthy and rich activities.

Similarly, we usually find most of youngsters caught in several diseases.

Our new generation is completely at the back in order to perform these activities regularly.

In addition to it, it has been a new trend that video gaming is a way to pass time but we are totally unaware of all destruction which occurs after operating laptops, computers and mobile phones.

It is too sad to see that play grounds are empty where every individual can earn health and can maintain himself strongly.

Additionally, mostly the people of current era are indulged in useless activities like video games.

There are many merits of physical activities/sports. You will find yourself; fresh, healthy, energetic and strong. As a matter of fact, sports are as compulsory as education, food and sleep are.

In short we must participate in extra curricular activities. If we are not getting rid of the sports , we will surely confront the fatal diseases and the horrible challenges of life. In the end, my message is for all.

It is not to throw cold water upon the users of games; but to encourage them; to motivate them; to be the part of physical activities which are neglected.