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Thanks Education Minister!

Muslims understand importance of knowledge which is crystal-clear from the Command ‘Iqra’. Are we acting upon fully? No; No! Certainly, this is the reason of Ummah’s present downfall. Knowledge means: possession of information about facts; ideas; truth; principles. The nations, possessing it, were called powerful so, ruled/ruling over others. It proved in the past, witnessing at present and would continue till last ray of sun on earth (!).
History pages are witnessing, when, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland were busy in plundering Europe [08 – 11c]. At the same time, Muslim scientists were searching/exploring knowledge: Al Khwarizmi was busy in search of math; Ibn Sina in medical as well as philosophy; Al-Hakim set-up Dar al-Hikmah [House of Knowledge]; Abbasids established Baytal-Hikma; Jabir ibn Hayyan became first chemist by producing sulphuric acid; Al Zahrawi recognized himself as “Father of Modern Surgery”; and, Al Zarqavi invented astrolabe [historical astronomical instruments]. So, present heights of knowledge are sub-branches of Muslim scientists de facto!!
It means that when Muslims were searching on knowledge, they were powerful. They overpowered Spain [over 700yrs], Constantinople, France, North Africa, Cypress, Sardinia, Italy [ruled-over 264yrs], Egypt, Jerusalem, Syria, Walachia [Romania], Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Persia, Venice, and Hungary. O’ after that Muslims (parents, teachers and leadership) stopped on search of knowledge – except a few. And, till now busy to build – Burj Khalifa, cricket, kite, golf, open air theatres…!!
Capital Development Authority established four Model Towns – Margalla, Rawal, Shazad and Humuk – during the 70s. The plan was to provide residents all modern facilities – education, health, roads… Margalla Town is hardly 3/4km away from office of Chairman/Mayor. Due to efforts of – Margalla Town Welfare Society (Regd.) – a group of educated and Senior Citizens – Authority, was allotted plot on “26.01.2008” for the building of Secondary School for Boys. After lapse of 13yrs (now) construction has started by PTI Government. So, Towner’s are compelled to pay heartiest thanks to Education Minister for fulfilling Government’s commitment up to some extent towards education!!

A cultured religion

Society these days is driven more by culture than by religion. A country in which religious beliefs were supposed to be the driving force, is now going through times when people believe that either religious teachings are too impracticable in modern times or following them will make them backward. In modern culture, we have set social standards which are too far from our religion and religion has become just a tool to gain political interests and to win arguments. We only follow those religious teachings which are culturally acceptable and do not alienate us from the rest of society. So, when we say we are practising religion this is actually a “cultured religion” which we are following.

Environmental degradation

I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities, through the columns of your prestigious newspaper, towards an extremely important issue being faced by the citizens of Karachi, which is leading to the environmental degradation. Improper waste disposal is acute in low-income settlements, particularly Katchi Abadis giving way to poor practices in sanitation, hygiene and public health. Streets, lanes and roadsides are regularly dumped with garbage. Moreover, dumping of untreated sewage into rivers and the Arabian Sea has exacerbated environmental conditions. The Lyari and Malir rivers are polluted by domestic and industrial sewage.
In the absence of effluent treatment plants, industrial waste containing oil, heavy metals and toxic chemicals are discharged directly into the rivers and have affected marine life considerably. The situation has now reached an alarming stage, I hope the authorities concerned would look into this matter at its earliest, and take suitable steps to solve the problem.

Uneducated CM

Uddhav Thackeray, the CM of Maharashtra, is at his old tricks once again by not allowing us Christians to celebrate our Sunday and weekday Masses in our churches. What is he up to? Does he want to throw out all Christians out from Mumbai?
According to his logic, Coronavirus only increases in Catholic churches and not in crowded malls, temples and market places. If he cannot handle the Coronavirus situation in Mumbai, he should resign. Mumbai does not need an uneducated CM like him.
Mumbai, India

Stunts on trains

Stunts on moving trains or on tracks have resulted in the loss of life or limbs on countless occasions. The railways should tackle this with a combination of enforcement and penalties. A public awareness drive or an educational campaign in schools and colleges may be timely.
There is also room for commuters to come forward and report such instances on social media to help combat the menace. Most of people who attempt stunts on trains don’t have tickets and try to show off during peak hours.
Mumbai, India