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How gift of the gab backfires

IT is humbly submitted ‘to err is human’ even with the ‘gurus’ of brands and brand-makers! In question here is a rampant crisis of communication referring to students, faculty, researchers, professionals and media so erroneously addressed by brand names in communication without naming but sharing very respectfully.
The reality check of academic, professional and corporate nature and for social, print and electronic media shows an alarming lack of concentration span in verbal and written communication. Despite lofty ideals and rosy claims in educational, business and media excellence, lack of communication skills, continues to rip social fabric apart at personal, professional and political levels. Lack of concentration span and lack of communication skills are two glaring question marks.
First question, ‘gurus, experts, specialists’ backfire despite all the wisdom linked to their branded names or titles. For example, communication experts cut a ‘sorry figure’ when they present marathon, complicated and distracting courses in communication skills. It is a test of their devising and conducting courses catering to low concentration span of students, teachers, researchers, media and professionals; for instance, reducing four long and boring pages of a course into a couple of clear, comprehensive and convincing paragraphs of a course outline!
Secondly, with all the worldly and branded dignity and honour associated with our communication maestros and mistresses, they are expected to deviate from the set and stereotype methods in communication skills to innovate and present the same with convincing and overwhelming traits and habits in positive thinking so that future professionals and politicians become accustomed to and acclimatized with learning to co-exist cheerfully with conflicting viewpoints.
Meanwhile, a few simple lines to share on the critical corona situation in view of the rampant race in the booming bazar of bewildering communication. Such corona information explosion dangerously complicates and confuses about the core issue due to very and very long: marathon and endless vicious circle amid vociferous alarms of sheer helplessness.
Let’s hope our worthy statesmanship, leaders, professionals and communication experts talk on one wavelength and simplify messages according to public psychology, mindsets and concentration span. Tough ask in innovation and insight from none but our illustrious and branded gurus of communication.

Industrial pollution

While industries are very important for the growth and development of a country, it is equally important to control their harmful effects. Factories that produce chemicals and leather products often dump harmful liquid waste into the nearby rivers or canals, polluting the water sources. Pollution of coastal waters destroys marine life in the seas. Poisonous smoke and fumes from factories pollute the air. All of these have damaging effects on people’s health, as they suffer from various diseases related to pollution.
The worldwide focus on ecology and environment has made us all aware of these concerns. We are looking into the causes of environmental pollution and looking for ways to solve and prevent these problems. Human brain is too complicated; it can almost find the solution of everything, so it is for sure that there can be many ways to control industrial pollution. It is not a concern of only one state or continent but all the countries on this planet, so all the countries with their expertise should solve the problem of pollution.

Gas issue

Pakistan is in the grip of gas crisis these days. Consecutive gas outages have made citizens life miserable. Domestic customers are being forced to cook on wood or purchase LPG, which is very expensive. The situation in Karachi is grimmer than other cities. Most people live in apartments here. They cannot use wood stoves for cooking purposes. Compulsorily, they have to buy expensive LPG. The poor are in great trouble owing to ongoing suspension of gas.
On the other hand, the industrialists in the mega city are also furious, as the recent gas issue is pushing their industries towards closure. The closure of industries means to snatch employment from the people associated with them.
As per news, Pakistan is facing gas shortfall of around 1,700 mmcfd these days. The gas utility firms are supplied a cumulative 4,300 mmcfd as compared to aggregated demand of 6,500 mmcfd. Authorities concerned must take on this issue and make emergent arrangements of gas for domestic customers as well as the industries. Otherwise, the situation will get worse for citizens and the government would be hardly able to tackle it.

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