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Domestic extremism haunts US

The USA today suffers from curse of extremism and hate groups, most of them remnants and children of confederates, still hostage to their forefather’s white extremist ideologies and opposition to Abraham Lincoln’s policy to rid the country of slavery. It has survived only because of over 200 years old commitment to uphold their oath to the constitution.
Over the past 40 years these extremists armed themselves, while America was busy in waging wars across the globe, driven by the corporate global interests of the oil and armament industry. Amongst the recruited rank and file were these white extremists, now trained in warfare. On 6 September 2020, these armed extremist groups, motivated by the lies and slander of former President Trump, stormed the Capitol Hill, sending shockwaves around the world. Scenes reminiscent of the ransacking of Saddam Hussain Palace and similar acts of violence staged and instigated by CIA, including attacks on democratically elected governments to be replaced by tin-pot dictators for serving their global interests were witnessed with awe. The chickens had come back to roost.
The American political establishment had forgotten to tell those living in the former Confederate-dominated south, the truth and bitter realities of their not too peaceful history and the need for reconciliation and self-assessment. The dreams of Founding Fathers were dashed, who gave them a Constitution of “We the People and For The People” and the principle that Power Of The People Should Determine the Choice of Those Who Hold Power and not the vested interests of a few.
We suffer from almost the same fate, by not adopting Quaid’s vision, that Pakistan should be a modern democratic welfare state, which he elaborated on 11 August 1947 and 14 June 1948. Instead, former collaborators of the British Raj, like the Unionists of Punjab, retained lands and titles given for betraying motherland, assumed political power in nexus with remnants of Raj, distorted our history, banning politicians through PRODA or EBDO to make room for those who opposed MAJ and even a slanderous campaign against Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.

Judging people

Never judge a book by its cover” means that when you look at a book you think it’s bad when you haven’t read the book yet or even read behind it. This quotation tells us to judge people from their personality, like judging a book, people will not read if the cover page is ugly and these are the mistakes we are making. The point is, it’s not wrong to judge people by their first impressions, but it usually happens, why you don’t give it a chance.
There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t judge people by their first impressions. Your opinion may be incorrect. As I have said, judging people before you know them is nothing more than a drama. First impressions are not a good thing and should not be. You need to know this person first before making a decision! Once you get to know the person, you can use them to decide who he or she is.
Taking a conclusion of someone may set your mind on that person forever and you will not know the truth about that person unless you give him a chance and you will change your mind either making it better or worse. Judgment from everyone and everywhere Sad isn’t it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you try not to judge others or how much you try to avoid it, it happens anyway. I am very tired of this judgment.
Especially from people, I would never expect to actually do that. Just keep asking yourself this question: Who are you to judge someone else? Commenting on how that person lives his life? If you do not agree with something, put it down.

Social abuses

Often social abuses are notified on national level. Yes a social abuse, when a student commits suicide just only not qualifying for admission in top University, lot of study stress or unemployment. Mostly the parents force their children to qualify for medical and engineering entry test and leave no way back until get the seat.
I ask the parents why a child is that much forced even commit suicide. What happens if your child does not become a doctor, pilot or engineer? What a doctor can do and a teacher, a banker, a police officer, a politician, a journalist and others can’t do?
Most of the people, they sell their faith for money and play with innocent lives. They cheat public by dealing with unauthorized pharmaceutical companies and sell their products. Do parents want their children to be a devil? I think they never want. So let them decide their future with best choices then that day won’t be far when we will be getting right man for the right job.

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