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Articles and letters may be edited for the purposes of clarity and space. They are published in good faith with a view to enlightening all the stakeholders. However, the contents of these writings may not necessarily match the views of the newspaper.


Muslims believe without any shadow of doubt that the Last Friday of Ramadan is the day for the acceptance of duas (prayers). So it is of absolute importance that on this holy day heartfelt prayers should be offered for the success and well-being of the Muslim Ummah. These are just a few characteristics, virtues and blessings of the best day of the week. Allah and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) have told us what a great day this is for all of the mankind as Muslims we know the true meaning and importance of Friday.
We may all say thank goodness it’s Friday, May Allah keep us guided and on the straight path, and purify our intentions to make it solely for His sake, and give us the understanding of Islam. And on this Jummah Tul Wida we also pray for people affected with Coronavirus, prayer for our neighbours near and far. May Allah protect all of us from Coronavirus (Ameen).

Peace in Afghanistan

It is nice to hear that while welcoming the recent power-sharing agreement between Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran have urged all sides in Afghanistan to declare a comprehensive ceasefire throughout the war-torn country. Sharing border with Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran have a natural interest in peace there. Of course, with the signing of the power-sharing agreement between the two adversaries, we are one step nearer to peace but there is still a long way to go.
I think it should be more than obvious to the Afghan Government as well as the Taliban that neither of them is in a position to completely subdue the other. Also, the Taliban of today are not the same fanatic lot that they were when they had their government in Afghanistan. So, the only way to peace in Afghanistan is for the government as well as the Taliban to accept each other and for the government to find a way to accommodate Taliban. And together, they should eliminate Daesh and other trouble-makers in Afghanistan. Such a course of action should suit both the Government and the Taliban, and would also be in the best interest of the Afghan people who have seen no peace for decades and definitely deserve better.
However, bringing Afghan Government and Taliban closer together will require more than just wise counsel and will need a combination of ‘persuasion and pressure’. And it is here that China can play a really important role, by replacing the little financial and other help which the US provides. In fact China can sign an agreement with Afghanistan, start digging out $ 3 trillion worth of minerals lying buried there, recoup its own investment and put the country on the path to peace, progress and prosperity.

Coronavirus, divided we stand?

It’s been months since the whole world is fighting against one mutual yet invisible enemy and that is the Coronavirus. Daily we come across updates regarding this virus, either through international media or through our own {including social media}, and are constantly informed regarding new challenges revolving around this virus. However, given the circumstances, such awareness and constant information being disseminated to the public is, below the surface, giving the rise to one concealed challenge and that is deteriorating mental health.
Apart from this, some moronic elements in the society equally play a role in affecting it further by spreading misinformation and propaganda through social media which divides the society into two extreme groups, those who constrict themselves to follow the precautions and those who completely reject even the idea of it. Such people need to be properly addressed to if this battle is to be won.
Furthermore, the government should take more measures against such people by enforcing certain rules regarding content based on the virus in social media as well as further coerce people to follow the SOPs. There should also be strict action against two or more people riding a motorcycle and maintaining distance should be more stressed out.
Digital education
and Pakistan

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan issued a decree to all the education sectors for virtual coaching. Students are taking web classes on various online platforms. Different institutes have directed online assignments too. Numerous understudies endeavoured the exams. Meanwhile, a lot of students endeavour to get associated with the exam yet proved unable.
A question emerges here that practically 64% of nation’s populace is residing in rural areas and out of 87% people that hold mobile phones only 20% have proper internet connection. Additionally, numerous understudies don’t have appropriate gadgets – Laptops, MAC Books, Computer and so on – accessible in their homes. During the lockdown period, when the economy and wellspring of salary of many people has messed up, by what means, individuals of backward zones can bear this additional burden.
We have no clue to what extent this worldwide emergency will proceed but instead than depending on virtual training, government should step up to the plate and prepare the meriting understudies and provide some compensatory bundle as far as grant ought to be given to the understudies who are confronting these issues.
One exchange could be that educational organizations ought to give the recorded lectures to the understudies with the goal that they can approach them all the time they need. This should be possible by transferring the lectures on YouTube which can turn into a substitute asset of gaining extra incentive for these institutes which they can utilize for their self-development.

Mumbai: Another Wuhan

With 1,500 new cases of Coronavirus in Mumbai on Sunday, the city is about to become another Wuhan. If this trend continues, then after a week, Mumbai will have 3,000 to 3,500 cases per day.
Most of the Mumbaikars think nothing else but of going out for five to ten minutes everyday for buying essentials. This mentality of theirs will doom the city and it will become another Wuhan.
Mumbai, India


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