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Avoid using polythene bags

Ban on use of polythene bags is a highly appreciable action taken by present government. Almost all countries have banned use of polythene bags due to their harmful effects. Polythene bags not only contaminate food products but also inflict great harm to wild life and marine life.
A normal polythene bag takes hundred of years to degenerate and almost every piece of plastic ever produced exist in some form in our environment. Karachi flooded few weeks back mostly because polythene bags choked its drains. So people must avoid all these harmful products to save our planet from all sought of pollution.

PM address

PM Imran Khan made a passionate address in which he highlighted plight of Kashmiris and malicious Islamophobia propaganda against Muslims, maligning them collectively and causing numerous hardships and hate biased attacks. He pointed out collective punishment faced by innocent Kashmiris, who are confined to their homes for almost two months. Kashmiris face daily harassment, while their women are raped in worst human rights violations.
Liberation of Kashmir should have been a priority for Zia ul Haq, instead of getting this country involved in fighting a proxy war, funded by the US, with disastrous long term consequences for our economy, sovereignty and national security. It is time a concerted well-planned diplomatic offensive is launched utilising all serving and retired diplomats to secure for Kashmiris their legitimate right. We need to formulate our foreign policy keeping in view ground realities and mutual long term benefits with countries like China, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar and even Iran etc, while maintaining good relations with the West.


Prime Minister Imran Khan warned in his speech that India’s actions in Kashmir could cause a ‘bloodbath’ and provoke war between two nuclear-armed countries. He described the horrible situation in Kashmir and warned that Pak-India conflict would have repercussions beyond borders. Kashmir, already one of the world’s most heavily militarised region, was flooded with extra troops and placed under curfew ahead of its loss of special status. Thousands of people have reportedly been arrested as part of a security crackdown.
Khan said India’s actions would radicalise Kashmiris and increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack. “There will be a reaction to this, Pakistan will be blamed, two nuclear-armed countries will come face to face like we came in February,” he said.
If a conventional war starts, anything could happen. But suppose a country seven times smaller than its neighbour is faced with a choice: either you surrender or you fight for your freedom till death. We will fight and when a nuclear-armed country fights to the end it will have consequences far beyond the borders, it will have consequences for the world.”
His speech came shortly after an address in New York by the Indian PM Narendra Modi, who did not mention Kashmir but said his country wanted peace and harmony. Modi’s comments instead focused on India’s efforts to protect environment and development issues such as healthcare.


Prime Minister Imran khan addressed the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
This amazing speech of PM Khan lasted for 50 minutes. None of the previous leaders of Pakistan ever dared to raise their voices on this biggest platform. From global warming to Islamophobia and from money laundering to exposing Modi’s brutalities in Kashmir, he hit all the right cords. The speech proved to be not from a Pakistani leader but a true Muslim and global leader who cares and wants solution for these issues.
From climate change to western hypocrisy in money laundering cases and supporting elites from poorer countries by providing them access to properties and ways to provide a home for hiding their black money, PM Khan’s speech brought focus on genocide of innocent people of Kashmir. He strongly pointed out the brutality and barbarism of Modi government in Indian occupied Kashmir. Khan also stated the fact that the whole world is refusing to accept that this is an act against humanity. This is violation of human rights and the UN is responsible to do something about it as they gave right of self-determination to Kashmiris decades ago. The consequences of a nuclear war, that is bound to happen if India continues this barbarity, will not only be faced by Pakistan and India but the whole world will face these consequences. PM Khan boldly and fearlessly stated that despite being small, we would not hesitate to fight till the last drop of our blood and our last breaths.
We hope this heroic and bold speech on the forum of United Nations brings positive results and initiative would be taken by the United Nations and the world at large to solve these issues


PM Imran Khan has made Muslim world really proud by delivering such a wonderful and meaningful speech but blamed Muslims leaders that they never talked and explained Islam to West. Imran Khan speech covered four points i.e. climate change owing to which global warming has become a threat to the world, money laundering due to which poor is getting poorer and richer is becoming richer, Islamophobia causing Muslims’ marginalisation in the West thus creating hatred among each other and Kashmir issue where inhuman curfew has been imposed for almost 55 days.
The way Imran Khan elaborated all the four points in his speech was really a treat to hear and after decades such a speech delivered in UNGA by any Muslim leader. He acted as ambassador of Islam. He explained the world emphatically that there is no radical Islam and only one Islam preached and practised by our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH). And it really pains our hearts when blasphemy is committed against our Prophet (PBUH).
In the last he categorically stated that if India that is seven times bigger than Pakistan starts a war, we would have two options i.e. to surrender or fight for freedom till death. Such a brave statement by the Prime Minister Imran Khan has increased the passion of belief of every Muslim across the globe. Last but not least, asked UN to intervene because if two nuclear arms countries fight with each other, the consequences would be catastrophic for everyone.


The 50-minute speech of PM Imran Khan at the United Nations General Assembly’s 74th meeting has raised many eyebrows in western countries in particular and the world in general. This brilliant, extensive and research-based content of four main quagmires of the world; global warming, money laundering, Islamophobia and Kashmir dispute has reaffirmed as to what measures should be taken to counter above-mentioned matters seriously.
Interestingly, Imran Khan has hit all possible realistic areas to unveil Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) plight and fatality in front of the world leaders. The much-appreciated speech is undoubtedly a broader concept of bringing brutality on Kashmir on one page, one platform to tackle the long-lasting dispute between the two nuclear-power countries. He spoke from the bottom of his heart: realistic, rationale and to the point.
The true but sad picture of the oppressed Kashmiris, depicted by the Premier, is not Hollywood movie or Delhi’s cinema but visible and true scenario of downtrodden IOK. It is high time, after listening actual drama of RSS and Modi’s Hitler ideology, the world community should intervene in IOK and grant immediate relief to poor Kashmiris.
Shikarpur, Sindh

Disobeying traffic rules

Citizens in Karachi mostly do not follow traffic rules. According to traffic police buses, tankers and large trailers are mostly involved in road accidents.
Reportedly, more than 15000 people have lost their lives in road accidents owing to breaking traffic rules. Also most of the traffic lights are not working. Government must look into this matter.
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