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AJK PM’s spendthrift!
I am going to write on a different issue but the theme would be the same as it was some time ago ie AJK PM’s spendthrift.  I had then pleaded the AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider not to dole out State money to his cronies. It may be recalled that the Premier had sanctioned a significant amount on the treatment abroad of Dr. Arif Khan, a billionaire, who could easily get himself treated anywhere in the world. Though my plea had turned on a deaf ear, yet I feel it an obligation to bring to light the {mis-}deeds of Raja Sahib who claims to be very honest the like of whom human history has ever seen.
Now I come to today’s issue. The Premier (Raja Sahib) has again committed a similar deed. According to a contemporary Urdu Daily, the PM has bestowed precious State land on so-called “needy people” who are, in fact, his close associates. They have been allotted commercial plots of different sizes worth billions of rupees. Is it not pity that some Government Offices are housed in rented buildings because of non-availability of space within the capital city and on the other hand the PM is giving State land to {fake} needy people?  I request all fellow countrymen to raise their voice against this unjustified action of the AJK Premier.
The AJK President is also requested to order a probe into the matter immediately and PM should be stopped from what he is doing. State land is not his personal property. Land available with the Government is meant for construction of infrastructure, public service institutions like educational and health facilities as well as extension of office premises. One fails to understand what the future governments would do if all available land is grabbed like this.

Terrorism today

The media houses are nowadays putting in a lot of hard work in bringing every piece of news in the digital world today. They have coined the term “Mosque Massacre” for the unfortunate shooting incident in New Zealand. The media houses’ every effort is appreciable as always or as usual. But creating the impact on the people and inscribing something interesting or responsive are all important keywords if not it is difficult to get the attention of the people and the world.
I had been working as a young professional in the Indian cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad between the years like 2005 and 2010. During my Hyderabad tenure, I had bumped into many interesting incidents and somewhat sad occasions. One was that of 2007 Hyderabad bomb blast that made me seriously talk about the incident. I was at one point of time sharing news over the phone with my friends and family members in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. The international media houses have been bringing in the news report of shooting and terror attacks in Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines. But the people often doubt the reports on terror attacks that have flunked to get more responses from the countries. Everything in the world is purposeful or else could be ill-conceived. Creating confusion among the public in the name of enacting terror attacks somewhere in the countries like New Zealand or somewhere else as remote as the Arctic is unbelievable and the end result will be null.
Maharashtra, India


A prevailing problem in Karachi is pollution. Being an industrial city, it produces thousands of tonnes of solid waste. Some of Karachi’s fertile land is used to dump waste. Due to the accumulation of waste, many diseases are spreading in the city. People from lower socioeconomic class search these heaps of garbage for material that can be recycled. This practice has adverse effects on their health.
Nowadays breathing in Karachi damage people’s lungs and cause serious infections, asthma, bronchitis all have been observed to be on the rise as the city’s air quality has worsened. The hygienic conditions of the city are poor. The streets over here are very poorly maintained. Karachi city having a population of 16.62 million is unfortunately among cities which are most densely polluted. I urge the government of Sindh to take necessary steps to improve the state of environmental affairs in Karachi. If the prevailing practice continues, life in the city will face more challenges than it does today.

Healthy youth makes healthy nation

There is always a reason for success. Sustainable victory always depends on healthy minds. Only healthy minds can carry positive attitude everywhere. What is important in life is a key idea and a power to execute it. We should always be mentally as well as physically strong.
So as children we should be strong enough to bring up our nation. Great national leaders have shaped up our nation to a great level. Now it is in our hands to make our nation even stronger. We should make strong actions and act wisely. Till the end we should be healthy and fit to reach our goals triumphantly.