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Sectarian harmony

History proves that Muslims have always faced loss not from their enemies but from hypocrites. Muslims dissents always benefit their opponents. Unity is strength. Pakistan is a country which has been suffering from sectarian violence and as a result, precious lives of clerics and jurists belonging from different sects have lost. Some of clerics and jurists from all sects are highly responsible for sectarian violence in country as their lectures create hatred among masses. In such a situation, endeavours of renowned cleric and preacher Tariq Jameel is laudable who is striving hard to create harmony among clerics and masses of different sects.
In this connection cleric Tariq Jameel and Shehanshah Naqi delivered their lectures in University of Karachi on September 23, 2019 with a message that masses belonging from different sects are brothers to each other. It should be remembered that differences would remain intact but loving each other is obligatory and to avoid dispensable arguments, no one should not talk or tease anyone’s belief and creed/dogma which is the best solution to create harmony among all sects of Islam. Stay on your belief and creed/dogma but do not criticise anyone belief and creed/dogma as everyone accountable for his belief, creed good and bad deeds at the day of resurrection.

Manoeuvring Judiciary

The recent abrupt, though not unprecedented, removal of accountability court’s judges allegedly via WhatsApp notification reflects PTI government’s utter disregard for a transparent accountability system in the country. “I have just received a WhatsApp message; the Lahore High Court has repatriated me. I cannot lend my expertise to this case anymore,” Judge Masood Arshad said as he excused himself from hearing the case of PML-N leader Sanaullah over drug possession.
Though the Ministry of Law and Justice refutes the allegations of its involvement in the matter and has claimed that proper procedure was followed in this regard, the speculations of manoeuvring the judiciary by PTI government for vested political interests speak louder. There is no denying the fact that in the past Judges themselves expressed biases in provision of justices and have been in league with political parties to victimise their opponents in the name of accountability and rule of law. Judges’ own misconduct has harmed their reputation to a great extent thus inflicting a stigma upon the whole judicial system.
Ironically the political parties that have always been chanting slogans of transparent accountability system and rule of law, never allowed the Judges to impart justice independently. They have now become victim of the system they never wanted to flourish unprejudicedly. Tehreek.e.Insaf earned reputation for its untiring struggle for ‘INSAF’ (justice) which confirmed its victory in 2018 general election but lack of across-the-board accountability has dented its fame and has dragged it into a paradoxical situation where it stands exposed by its own misadventures against judicial system.

East Indians should learn from Goans

It is very disgusting that when a person dies in an East Indian Catholic family, tea, snacks (sandwiches, patties and cakes) and soft drinks are served to the people at the graveyard after the burial. Then the people who have attended the funeral come to the house of the deceased where again snacks, soft drinks, alcohol and dinner is served. This is ridiculous! We are supposed to be mourning for the deceased member of our family but instead of mourning, we are having a grand party.
Goans, Mangaloreans and other Christian communities do not do all this; it is only the East Indians who do it. We East Indians should learn from the Goans, Mangaloreans and other Christian communities and bury the dead member of our family with respect instead of having a grand party after the funeral. Then again after the month’s mind Mass and after the 1st anniversary Mass, snacks and lunch just like that of a wedding is served to neighbours, relatives and close friends either at home or in the church hall. With all this eating, drinking and merry-making, I don’t think the soul of the deceased member will rest in peace.
P.S: The East Indians are a community of Roman Catholics who are the original inhabitants of Mumbai. They got their name from the East India Company of the British who had converted a large number of local Marathi-speaking people to Christianity.
Mumbai, India

All for green revolution

I often see news of the young climate change activist Greta Thunberg aged 16. The fact that she has been raising the voice for green cause and climate change awareness has just started inspiring many countries and people worldwide. I remember her talking and being interviewed on TV recently. As a little student, her speech and responsibility for the climate issues have been just overwhelming and as more interesting. Kudos to her and my best wishes on her climate change mission.
Such interesting things and responsible persons should be encouraged to the greatest extent possible on the international stage. I as a person had been encouraged by such inspiring stories and great people in my native areas like Korkai, Tiruchendur, Marthandam, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Nagercoil and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Just sincerely enough, I have been pitching for good and beautiful changes on the social front, starting from my places like Korkai, Kanyakumari besides having been a big supporter of agricultural activities that in fact, have been involving my friends and family in Korkai.
Maharashtra, India

to melt again

The Pakistan Meteorological Department on Thursday (PMD) issued a new heat-wave alert for Karachi; extremely hot weather is likely to grip the port city at the end of the current week. The Met Office added that during the past couple of days, sea breeze halts during the day time in the city following which a constant rise in temperature has been observed.
“Between Sept 20 to Sept 24, hot winds will blow from the northwest, as a result, the temperature in Karachi can rise up to 41-degree centigrade,” said the Met Office. Medical experts have advised people to remain indoors from 11 am to 3 pm to remain safe from the effects of hot weather. “People must cover their heads with wet clothes while those days.

Garbage in Phase-6, Karachi

The Cantonment Board, Clifton (CBC) is supposed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in DHA, Karachi. It claims it is very particular about creating hygienic conditions for residents living in this area. On its website, its slogan is: ‘Zealously Working for a Greener, Healthier Environment.’ One even notices CBC employees sweeping the roads every morning in various parts of DHA.
However, there is an open plot at 22-C, Lane 12, off, Khayaban-e-Nishat (the lane right after the Culligan Depot), where garbage is thrown day in and day out which creates an unhygienic environment for residents of the area. The garbage creates hordes of flies and mosquitoes and creates an intolerable stench. This is against all norms of healthy living. Please note that such garbage disposal is not noticed anywhere else in DHA though other parts of Karachi are sorry victims of humongous garbage mismanagement.
I am a journalist and also work for a PR Firm. I am a resident of Akbar Arcade and have repeatedly requested the CEO and PRO of CBC to take immediate notice of the garbage dump and have it removed but they have not taken any notice. I have also apprised the DHA but they say that only the CBC is responsible for this.

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