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US interference

Under the guise of support for Taiwan, the US plans to impose a military conflict on China.
The tension that arose in the region after the trip of the then Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan was not enough to start a full-fledged armed confrontation with China, but Washington makes it clear that it does not plan to end the provocations any time soon. It announced plans for Nancy Pelosi’s successor Kevin McCarthy to visit Taiwan is indicative.

It is noteworthy that the US is raising the degree of tension to critical temperatures with the visit of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives immediately after the memo of Air Force General Mike Minikhan, circulated by the American media, suggesting that the US would go to war with China in two years as well as after the establishment of the Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between US and Chinese Communist Party.

Meanwhile, Chinese experts are already predicting a much tougher response to McCarthy’s visit than to Pelosi’s trip in August 2022, recalling that the Chinese army conducted large-scale military exercises in the waters around Taiwan, simulating a blockade of the island. In all likelihood, the US attempts to initiate a military conflict to weaken its main adversary are close to climax. Given the lessons of the European front of operations, China will proceed with the utmost caution. Beijing’s position is defined and declared – the use of force is possible only if the island declares independence or if Taiwan deliberately delays reunification with China which is happening right now with the patronage and support of the US.

Difficult time

No doubt that energy shortage has always been a problem in Pakistan, but the food is even more tragic. Because Pakistan is recognized as an agricultural country, efforts should be redoubled for self-sufficiency in agricultural commodities. And then there are good minds who are doing their services in different fields of life all over the world. Unfortunately, we are looking for help from foreign countries.

Our youths should focus on their abilities and skills and avoid wasting time. The governments should pay special attention to this matter. So that this difficult time has come upon Pakistan, May the Almighty save us from it in a good way.

Cow Hug Day

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on 14th February this year. Evidently the present ruling party in India does not approve of erosion of Indian (meaning Hindu) culture by such foreign immoral customs. In the past rightwing vigilante groups, who have often engaged in the moral policing of women, have attacked shops selling Valentine’s cards and decorations and targeted couples seen holding hands. Much of the anti-Valentine’s rhetoric has been targeted at women, alleging that the holiday encourages female promiscuity, vulgar behaviour and corruption.

Hence the Indian Government wants people to celebrate 14th February as Cow Hug Day, instead of Valentine Day. The Animal Welfare Board of India, a government advisory body, has in a statement criticised the “dazzle of western civilization” and emphasised how Vedic traditions are in danger of disappearing because of the “progress of western culture over time.” In the light of this, the Animal Welfare Board urged people to embrace cows, which it described as the “backbone of Indian culture and rural economy”. It has appealed that 14 February be celebrated as ‘Cow Hug Day’. According to the statement of the AWBI, hugging a cow “will bring emotional richness” and “will increase our individual and collective happiness”.

Some people have made fun of Cow Hug Day. But I am serious about it, and think it is a good move. I am quite willing to celebrate Cow Hug Day. But how can I hug a cow when I dont have one? And I can’t be expected to go on the street hugging stray cows which I find there. So I request the government to provide me with a cow which I can hug.

Moreover, how can I be sure I won’t be gored by the cow’s horns when I hug it? So either the government provides me medical insurance, or a cow with no horns. Some years back, I suggested that Bollywood make a film called ‘Rise of the Planet of the Cows’, I reiterate that suggestion. I am sure it will be a far bigger box office hit than Pathan.


Observing 14 February as Cow Hug Day will bring emotional richness and increase individual happiness. It is not known how many people, especially those who don’t have cows will hug them since stray cows will not allow strangers to do it.

The newly declared Cow Hug Day is intended to offset the dazzle of western civilisation, which the government said had come at the cost of the older traditions of India.
Mumbai, India

Say no to Valentines

14 February is the day when our young generation will be so busy exchanging flowers, fake promises and love; they waste their money and time. We have adopted many western cultures and Valentine’s Day is one of them. We are Muslims and Islam does not allow this kind of vulgarity.

As a Muslim we are responsible to guide humanity and we should stop it.
Our co-education system plays an important role in spreading this false trend. This is a very sensitive topic on which our government should talk. This kind of stuff is very dangerous for our country. We should pay attention to the development of the country, not to these wrong cultures.
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