Voice of the People


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Economic woes


Pakistan continues to face the economic crisis as the country struggles with political instability, dwindling foreign exchange reserves, soaring inflation, spiking debts etc. Incumbent government is now confronting the challenge of economic fallouts. There are speculations that the country might go towards default as the situation continues to worsen. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the global market is passing through the phase of economic downfall as energy supply chains are being disrupted and Pakistan is included in the list of those affected countries.

It has now become a challenge for the government to cope with this dwindling economic situation. International donor organisations are now levying their conditions, like, budgetary reforms, spiking inflation etc., on the country as it has borrowed loan from those organisations, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Apart from the recent floods that have hit the country’s economy badly and disruption in the energy supply chains in the global market, there are structural flaws which are hurdles in the smooth running of the economy.

Economic policies have been adopted but when it comes to implementing those policies, there is a lack of concerned stakeholders’ efficiency which makes it difficult for policies to be executed. Government has to overcome the worsening economic condition as it is striking millions of people in country, mainly the lower class of the country. Regional trade is now having vital importance for country by trading with neighbouring countries, especially with India. Private sector should be encouraged to trade with these neighbouring countries to resolve economic mess.



Growing crimes

Through the column of your esteemed paper. I would like to draw the attention of relevant authorities toward the issue of growing crimes in Capital city. I am impressed by your newspaper which highlight every significant problem irrespective of either major or minor issue. I hope you would consider this issue as crucial as others and would not disappoint me.

There is something that has been continuously troubling the entire society for some time. Two weeks back, I have witnessed Mobile snatching activity in Islamabad twice, once in my residential area and once in common public market. Unfortunately, this activity is on its peak and witnessed in different areas this much that it continue to cause several problems for the public. Firstly, people are afraid to carry mobile phones with them to their work places, grocery stores and public places.

What most troubling is the loss of data people have in their mobile phones which lead them to get caught in further adversities. Moreover, due to this, many female citizens are being blackmailed for their pictures and lost data which destroys their mental health and confidence to take initiatives to a great extent.

Secondly, another similar activity in my area I want the authorities to know is Robbery. Robbers broke into the house and ransacked everything on gun point. There have been many complaints in the city. However, no improvements come to seen. People sometimes adopt illegal means by motivating from other unattended criminals.

The question arises, how did this activity increase? And if increased what measures could be taken to inhibit and restrict this movement. The answer is crystal clear, the unaccountability of concerned authority have led this activity raised.

Now, relevant authorities should wake up from their deep slumber to take feasible measures and initiatives to control and wipe out criminal activities in Capital so that citizens may take deep breath and relief from this fear.



Extracurricular activities

Why is there no extra time dedicated academically by institutes for sports and other fun activities so students can enjoy their hobbies without the fear of failing their classes? Benefits of co-curricular activities (CA) are numerous, including self-confidence, communication skills and good physical health.

So far, little importance has been given to study the relationship of co-curricular activities and exam performance in Pakistan. Consequently students are living in an environment where they have little idea of how co-curricular activities affect their exam performance or grades. They only give importance to their studies in order to achieve higher grades in exam

There is no easy way to combine studies and extracurricular activities in Pakistan. Pakistani students face immense pressure to succeed academically, which means that many of them cannot find the time to participate in extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, there are often inadequate resources and infrastructure to support extracurricular activities. Finally, there is a lack of awareness and appreciation for extracurricular activities in Pakistan, which makes it difficult for students to participate in them.