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Leadership sans financial discipline

Financial discipline and austerity can only be achieved if leadership of three constitutional institutions (executive, parliament and judiciary) enforce it on themselves, to be strictly followed by all state funded civil and security departments. We can emulate strict financial discipline and austerity measures adopted by Quaid, or teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his close disciples, or those adopted by US President etc., instead of choosing to lead lifestyle of reckless monarchs etc.

The casual manner in which state resources are misused by powerful stakeholders and public office holders, even with threat of looming financial bankruptcy is shocking. It is not just lifestyle of elected executives and public office holders, but the paid civil and uniformed services, which has become a burden for a country where over 30 million citizens are displaced by recent floods and international inflation and food shortage have deprived millions of even one meal.

Yet, every public office-holder wants to have a private executive jet and helicopter for transportation, even if the intended journey is for personal reasons, or political campaigns etc. Instead of curtailing such practices and abuse of power, these gross irregularities are being regularized in violation of all norms, ethics and morality. The precedent for such abuses was started by Ayub Khan who allotted over 300 acres state land to himself and chose to retain Ghandhara Motors gifted by US Government for his family.

This abuse has continued thereafter and has now assumed status of a perk and privilege of power, by every individual who has held powerful public office. This country has been embarrassed by Toshakhana gifts, exchanged between two countries, which should have been deposited with the State, instead of being taken away at fraction of market value, by every person, including IK, MNS, AZ, Musharraf etc. Now these gifts are being sold without any shame or remorse.




in darkness


It is really distressing and inconvenient to the people of Zimbabwe to have severe power cuts which have almost brought the country to a halt. Darkness dominates the politics in Zimbabwe and the leaders of ZANU PF are in total darkness regarding moving the country out of the mess it is in.

Education system, health systems, transport and logistical systems are completely in darkness as the solutions to the dysfunctional sectors of the economy are remote as far as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and beleaguered ZANU PF are concerned. The University of Zimbabwe students write exams in the dark because of no electricity. Some businesses have been affected in such a way that the cost of production has increased and at the end the prices will go up. Insanity which is prevailing in Zimbabwe should be removed and President Emmerson Mnangagwa should be dumped into the dustbin of history in August 2023 if Zimbabwe hopes for a brighter future which is clearly not dominated by darkness.



Young and jobless

Unemployment has become a common issue for the residents of Pakistan. A number of candidates are facing numerous hardships due to unemployment woes. It is putting pressure for those candidates who are unable to get jobs in the country. Unemployment is not only destroying the lives of people, but also letting the other crimes to take place in the country.

On the other hand, due to unemployment the belief of education is being distrust by the students of upcoming generation. In Pakistan unemployment had begot terrorism, poverty and no interest towards education. These are main factors of unemployment by which people suffering a lot problems in a day basis. It is snatching the people lives putting them in depress the rate of unemployment in the country is uncountable.



Cottage industries

Cottage industry means the manufacture of goods at home by manual labour with a small capital, on a small scale, by a small number of workers, often comprising members of a single family. It is one of the most important industries in Pakistan.

There was a time when Pakistan home and Pakistani village used to hum with activities connected with various types of cottage industries, and some of them acquired great reputation even in the foreign countries on account of the exquisite workmanship and artistic beauty of the industries were either deliberately crushed out of existence or languished for lack of support of the rich or were unable to withstand competition offered by machine-made goods.

The advantages of cottage industries, as enumerated above, are some of the reasons for their survival in this age of machinery. Another reason is that there still exists a class of people who prefer goods produced by machine. Even in highly industrialized countries like Japan, Germany and Russia, there is a system of cottage industries. Having regards to the great importance of cottage industries, they are given a prominent place in Pakistan – both types of industries may develop side by side, not on a competitive but on a complementary basis.