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The most urbanized province of Pakistan and the capital of Sindh Karachi has an imperative role in the development of the country. Yet no one is giving proper attention to this metropolitan city. The population of Karachi is increasing rapidly and this increase in population has very adverse effects on the country’s economy. High population causes problems of health, inflation, sanitization, education etc.

As the population grows up, the demand of goods increases which ultimately increases the cost of goods and services which causes inflation. In this way the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The concerned authorities must put their heads together and devise a mechanism to deal with the problem.




Number of accidents is increasing in our metropolitan city. Not a single day passes when we don’t read in the newspaper or watch on television about the countless number of accidents. It all brings to light the glaring fact that either the vehicle owners are minors, or rash drivers or are in inebriated state etc. With scant regard for law , they disobey traffic rules and are often found talking on mobile phones which can cause accidents. Humans’ lives are precious. The traffic police need to deal with the offenders promptly and strictly.

Religious extremism

Whenever ears hear about any blasphemy case or lynching, the heart sinks deep down and bleeds with a cry. Ever since Pakistan got independence in 1947, the nation has fallen prey to the victim of religious extremism.The hatred and bloodthirstiness against one another are faiths and beliefs so deeply entrenched that human life does not account for any meaning in front of the radicalized minds. And thanks to them, It seems crystal clear the state machinery is hijacked into their hands. After all, we should not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the matter of fact that it was the state that nurtured this mob mentality and now it has to face its writ to deal with them inflicting so much disobedience. We have already diminished our name to the international community. We cannot afford any more carnage and degradation within or outside the country.



Beggar mafia in Karachi

The number of beggars in Karachi has exceeded 250,000 as police failed to take legal action against the illegal profession in the metropolis. Numerous professional beggars had a booming business and had taken over the streets and markets of the city. The majority of beggars in crowded shopping places including Saddar, Clifton, super and commercial markets are mothers holding infants in their laps, elderly people and kids, which annoys the customers but the authorities appear unable to resolve the problem. More than 2.5 lakh beggars are present in the metropolis and have traveled primarily from various locations in Sindh as well as from other parts of the country to Karachi.

The investigation found that 20 to 30 beggar organizations in various sections of the city bring in individuals from Sindh and Punjab to beg for daily salaries. These beggars receive a daily payment of 800 to 1,000 rupees on average. Professional beggars cause traffic congestion and inconvenience for commuters, but authorities do not appear to take any serious action to address the problem. It is common to see professional beggars, especially in shopping malls and at traffic signals, mosques and streets. The profession is becoming a social menace and many beggars including physically fit men, women and children are turning towards this profession considering it a profitable business with the help of relevant police in these areas.


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Journalists under fire

I am heartbroken by the lawlessness in Zimbabwe which has forced many journalists to compromise their professionalism and report stories that are untrue to please and adore the ruling ZANU PF. It is also pathetic that those journalists who remained professional and independent have been massively persecuted for just doing their work competently. Hope Chinono is a Zimbabwean journalist who was arrested for exposing corruption of the former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo.

Hope Chinono has eloquently exposed the corruption within the ZANU PF government and demonstrated that the heartless, corrupt, chaotic President of Zimbabwe cannot see that migration problems in South Africa have been caused by his failure to create an environment which will stop the Zimbabwean citizens from invading other foreign countries in search of better living conditions. I am not persuaded that the President of Zimbabwe is capable of taking Zimbabwe out of the doldrums in any way or shape. The world should help Zimbabwe to remove President Mnangagwa who is pushing his citizens into many countries of the world because Zimbabwe has become an uninhabitable country.



Children’s Future

Child labour is unfortunately, quite common in our country. Countless children are forced to work to support their families. Some of them work in hazardous conditions without any safety measures. Children are supposed to complete their education. They should not be working strenuous jobs to make both ends meet. Our government is responsible to ensure that children have access to a better life. This can only be done when employment opportunities are created so that adults can earn decent money to support their children.

Ratiha Ilyas



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