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Shifting blame

We are in the habit of opposing everything that the government does on one pretext or the other. The policy of every govaernment is to do greatest good to greatest number, be it liquor ban or plastic ban or bar dancer ban.
As to plastic, we are responsible for this situation. We use the plastic bags and then throw them on the road or drainage channels resulting in clogging and overflow of dirty stinky water on the public roads creating unhygienic situation. Then we curse the municipal authorities for it.JUBEL D’CRUZ
Mumbai, India

Failing Govt

It is agreed upon that Imran Khan has firm belief and sincere intentions for the well-being of his countrymen. However, he along with his Musharaf-era cabinet has failed miserably to deliver to the masses.
Pakistani public, added PTI-core voters and those who in hope, voted for change have been disappointed so far from the government, as they have experienced high inflation with slow growth rate, constant rise in dollar price while contrary constant devaluation of the rupee with increased gas bills have raised some serious questions for PM Imran Khan govt; those however, need to be fixed in time, yet seems far from reality.
To run government affairs effectively, good intentions are not enough to deal with. For this, along with good intentions, efficient team with capacity is required. Unfortunately, from the choice of CM Punjab, incompletion of BRT project in Peshawar or approaching IMF lately are some from many acts to suggest that PM Imran Khan has been unsuccessful in finalizing his best eleven so far.

Step for tourism

Pakistan is one of the beautiful countries across the world and can get a big amount of foreign exchange by promoting tourism in Pakistan. Past governments had not taken any steps to promote tourism but the incumbent government has opened first international information tourist corner in Belgium to introduce Europeans with the country’s tourism potential.
The government opened it with an objective to promote the country’s unique culture, mesmerising scenic views of its northern areas and their traditional lifestyle. The corner features books and pamphlets on tourist attractions in Pakistan. It is a great step which has taken by the government and it is hoped that the Government would not shy away from taking further steps in this regard.

Meritocracy as if heinous crime

IBA HMs joined their duties just less than a couple of years ago and started working diligently to change the dismal state of education in their respective schools. Despite several hurdles such as life threats and internal as well as external resistance, they made the most of their potencies and brought unexpected and colossal change. Looking at their performance they were given the task of School Profiling 2019-20. They successfully accomplished this new task by visiting schools far and wide to ensure the accurate collection of data for the improvement in education sector to secure the bright future of coming generations. They are working tirelessly to change the perception of people in favour of Government Schools.
In spite of all the changes the Sword of Damocles is hanging over their head in the shape of contract, they have been working relentlessly so that their services could be appreciated. Irony is this that instead of getting appreciation, AG Sindh has deducted their increment which was added in their salaries in December last year. This practice has caused the sheer amount of unrest among the change agents of education in public sector. The higher authorities are humbly requested to respect the meritocracy and encourage the change makers by making them regular as they can play their role in the upbringing of public sector.
Via email

Golden play button award

Pakistan’s rather world-renowned and distinguished religious scholar, preacher, public speaker and spiritual figure Maulana Tariq Jameel has just received YouTube’s after hitting one million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, which is not exceptional and pleasing by achieving it but also astounding without knowing it for entire Muslims world.
Moreover, Pakistani’s first Islamic online streaming content provider Maulana Tariq Jameel’s official channel is perhaps the only channel which the subscribers subscribe sincerely and without any utilitarian intentions. It is one of the greatest evidences that masses need such psychiatrist which I mentioned just a few days earlier in a letter to “Pak Observer” over ‘Anxiety attack and psychiatrist’.
He has also an international following and is ranked No# 40 on the list of the ‘World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims’, which is not only a proud moment for Pakistan but also entire Muslims of the world. No doubt such marvellous signs are really ponderable intended to know the reality of existence. It is a humble request to the current government to arrange a big live seminar of gratitude to the nation’s such legendary figure, so that Pakistan could portray its positive image across the globe and appreciate its followers.

5G surgery

5G is the technology that is expected to provide the world with fast connectivity. Wireless technology is taking the medical world a step closer to robots performing surgery. A doctor in Spain on 27 February 2019 performed the world’s first 5G powered operation. This is the first step to change our dreams which is to make remote operations in the near future”, said Dr. Antonio de Lacy, who is providing real time surgery guidance through 5G video link from a Barcelona Congress Centre to a surgical team which operated on a patient with an intestinal tumour about five km away from the hospital.
Surgical tel-monitoring is nothing new, but the new thing in this surgery is that Dr Lacy sent his instructions over a 5G connection, which allowed them to arrive in almost real-time surgery, increases image quality and vision which are decisive for medical teams to take decisions. 5G greatly reduces the time it takes to get a response to information sent through wireless networks. Image and data are transmitted almost instantly. It was a great milestone along the path to remotely controlled robot surgeons.