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A call cost 13 lives

At least 13 passengers lost their life and 33 others sustained injures when a passenger bus plunged into a ditch due to over-speeding near Bahtar Interchange on Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway the other day. The tragic incident took place because of negligence of driver as he was talking to someone on mobile phone while overtaking a truck on motorway during rain.
Is it not strange that a phone call led to such a big tragedy? I request everyone in Pakistan not to use phone during driving to avoid such heartbreaking tragedies.

Pak internal structures

Trying to understand Pakistan’s internal structure and dynamics in one way it seems improbable and strenuous. Pakistan is divided, disorganized, economically backward, epidemic of corruption, violent, unjust often savagely oppressive towards the poor and women home to extremely dangerous forms of extremism and terrorism. Predominantly, yet it moves. And is in many ways surprisingly tough and resilient as a state and a society. It is also not quite as unequal as it looks from outer shell.
On other hand, Pakistan contains islands of successful modernity and of excellent administration—not that many, but enough to help keep the country trundling along: a few impressive modern industries; some fine motorways; a university in Lahore, parts of which are the best of their kind in South Asia; a powerful, well-trained and well-disciplined army and in every generation, a number of efficient, honest and devoted public servants. None of these things is characteristic of truly failed or failing states like Somalia, Afghanistan or the Congo.
That doesn’t mean that Pakistan always smells nice (though sometimes it does) and indeed, some of the toughest creepers holding the rotten trees of the Pakistani system to gather are at one and the same time parasites on that tree and sometimes smell bad even by their own standards. Above mentioned external dynamics of Pakistan does not show that Pakistan always breath in an inferior manner. Truly enough, Pakistan has potential to break causalities and heinous problem. So, it is high time that government should firm their crippling policies into strong one. The earlier, the better.

Neglected province

It is something strange to be mentioned that Balochistan, despite being the resource-rich and the largest province of Pakistan in terms of its size, is the most backward province of Pakistan. Since, the locals of Balochistan rural areas are mostly deprived of attaining their basic necessities e.g. quality education, nutrition, sanitation, potable water, electricity, healthcare, roads and many others.
Though it is the spinal cord of Pakistan, yet it is left in the lurch by our federal and provincial governments. They are oblivious about the people who are dying due to nutrient scarcity, proper treatment unavailability, etc. As being a resident of the underdeveloped province, I humbly request both the governments to provide us the all fundamental essentials, because we too have right to live.

Free and independent press

One tends to agree with SAPM on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan when she says that the print and electronic media is absolutely free and independent in the country and there is no bar or restriction whatsoever on any journalist, anchor person or analyst about what to write and say and what not. Tune in any TV Channel, anchor persons and analysts are saying all sorts of things clearly and everything is going on air. Political leaders representing all major political parties are also invited in different programmes and talk shows to give vent to their thinking and views.
Similarly, the columns in the newspapers as well as display of news in Urdu and English Dailies are enough to convince anyone that the media is free and independent in Pakistan sans responsibility. But while everyone is talking day in and day out about freedom of association and press, hardly anyone says that this freedom of press and association should be exercised with restraints and responsibility keeping in view the supreme national interests particularly sovereignty of the State, national security and defence.
Being an old journalist, this scribe regretfully points out that objectivity has long been withered away in the air and replaced by subjectivity. Everyone is free to express his/her views but this should better be done separately and the event or news should be presented and reported as objectively as possible. This is hardly being done these days and subjectivity takes precedence over objectivity when reporting any development leaving much to be desired. Freedom of press, association or of anything else should better be excised by everyone with responsibility towards the nation and the country ensuring supreme national interests are kept uppermost no matter what the situation, circumstances and political and vested interests demand.

Misuse of social media

Social media has worked very well for the development but on other hand it has destroyed today’s generation. The new generation on social media has engaged them to become famous on ‘Tiktok’, and to get more likes on ‘Instagram’, how to get more comments on ‘Facebook’. Tiktok is pushing our generation into the darkness. Our youngsters like to spend their time on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp rather than spending time with family or relatives. Instead of reading newspapers or books, they prefer making videos on ‘TikTok’ in same languages. WhatsApp status has become as necessary as breathing. Food is displayed on WhatsApp status before being eaten. If our young boys/brothers go somewhere to visit any place, they do forget to share location on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.
Sharing location is one of the major mistakes. Nowadays ‘Tiktok’ has become the most famous and use able app. All the time everyone is busy in becoming popular on Tiktok. Youngsters should avoid using such kinds of Apps because their excessive use is futile and that might be problematic for them in future.
Ume Rubab

Lack of medicines in govt hospital

Balochistan suffers from several problems, which include health crisis. Turbat, the second biggest city of Balochistan, has one civil hospital, which is supposed to provide free medical care to the poor and needy people. It hurts me to mention that the poor have to pay for the medicines and other instruments required for their treatment. The hospital lacks good facilities and fake medicines are provided to the people.
Therefore, the concerned authorities of health sector are requested to bring required medicines at civil hospital of Turbat and avoid provision of fake medicines so that the poor may be treated in a dignified way.

Culture of wall chalking

The walls of any city reflect thoughts of the people of that city. Pakistan is known as the land of pure”. But the culture of wall chalking ruins appearance of the country. Wall chalking is an illegal utilisation of private property. Pakistanis generally indulge in wall chalking due to lack of platforms for them to express their emotions/grievances.
Advertisement of every item is done through wall chalking to avoid heavy cost. Political parties are largely involved in wall chalking for political purpose. There are laws against wall chalking and illegal advertising but are not promulgated strictly enough. There are many other mediums available instead of ruining the walls. Hope the authorities would take tangible steps in this regard.