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Increase in petroleum prices

The federal government has announced an increase in petroleum prices for the month of August and new petrol, diesel price will be Rs 117. 83 and Rs 132. 47 per litre respectively. The new price of kerosene will be Rs 103. 84 while light diesel will be sold at 90.52 per litre. The people are at their wits ends because of inflation, rising unemployment and lack of economic opportunities. I would like to remind PTI government of their election promises and providing employment opportunities.
The latest increase in petroleum prices defies logic, as rates in global market have fallen. Raised POL rates will only fuel more inflation. I request government to rescind the latest petrol prices increase.

Congo virus

Ticks that inhabit animal skin cause Congo virus. Humans fall victim to Congo virus after ticks bite them. Besides, it also spreads from animals’ blood and complications could lead to death. According to latest reports, Congo virus claimed eight lives in Sindh within first six months of 2019. Eid-ul-Azha is around the corner. Millions of sacrificial animals will be slaughtered during three days of Eid. This can further spread this virus.
The authorities concerned should take necessary measures for countering possible outbreak of this virus. In addition, minister of health should dispatch teams for awareness about the Congo virus to ensure safety of the people.
Larkana, Sindh

Why people violate traffic rules?

Road safety is a concern for all irrespective of gender. It is a matter of fact that lack of road safety etiquettes is very dangerous for citizens. It seems as if no one is interested in striking at the root of traffic problems i-e poor driver education. The road users should avoid driving recklessly. If authorities are interested in proper traffic management, the road traffic offices need to be modernised and upgraded. Many do not follow traffic rules and as a result traffic police is unable to handle them. Bikers are often a headache and we need to focus more on such offenders.
Roads are in a mess today not because of the bad quality of work, but bad planning. Lane sizes, pedestrian crossings, traffic signals or left-turns are poorly designed and designated. There should complete ban on talking on mobile phone or sending texts while driving and offenders must face heavy plenty. Lack of knowledge about correct use of high-beam headlamps creates problem at night. People get a license with little or no knowledge about driving skills and proper road sense. There’s no concept of lane driving. All they understand is that road is a race track and they need to be the first one even if that means overtaking a guy who just gave the indicator to take a turn.
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Lower economic growth and poverty

Since independence, Pakistan has been facing more imports and fewer exports. This one-sided process has strengthened those countries from where we are buying and borrowing. Due to lower saving by people and lower investment from government has pushed economy into further trouble.
Another reason for higher poverty and lower growth is lower production investment. Pakistan is not spending more on production of value addition. This has further lowered our exports, which has further decreased business and trade.
Overall, these issues have raised unemployment and have forced government to just rely on borrowing and getting debts from others by drowning people into this never ended flood. So, in order to deal with these issues, Pakistan should work on production investment, value added exports along with today’s technological progresses and inculcating faith and discipline in people.
Khairpur, Sindh

Every person counts

The relationship between head of the state and public is similar to relationship of a head of a family and family members. When financial crisis hits father, father tells his wife and offspring to wisely control their financial expenditure and cut their expenses and try to compromise on their lifestyle, as situation is getting tougher. Every person in the family has to realise and acknowledge fulfilling their responsibility. If they fail to do so, then financial situations will get worse. Likewise, we as a nation have to change our mindset and approach. Every one of us has to realise that our contribution matter the most. It’s a two way process. We have to believe that it’s not solely government’s responsibility to control situation, but we have to understand that the other end of the rope is in our hands.
First, let’s ponder over our preferences when we go to buy our groceries or clothes. We prefer to buy branded products for which the state has to pay in the form of import costs. The state has to fulfil demand of the public and subsequently supply of international products increases, which is disastrous for local industry. We are not ready to compromise over our desired needs. We look down upon locally manufactured products and get satisfaction in having products of international producers.
Secondly, our lavish and extravagant style of weddings is worrisome as extravagant amount of food and electricity is wasted, which is not needed. We clearly know that our resources are scarce but still we are not ready to burst the bubble of grandeur that we are living in. Lastly, we as a nation have lost our ethical, moral and social values to an extent that we have become extremely selfish and ignorant.
We don’t even think twice before throwing our garbage and other material on roads in public places. Before closing it up, let’s just appreciate the fact that every effort made by every single person is valuable. Let’s just try to play our parts with sincerity of intentions, so that God showers more bounties on us.
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Human rights in Kashmir

India and many members of the United Nations have been suppressing fundamental rights of people. Historically, India has been subjugating human rights of Kashmiri people since 1947. The people of Indian occupied Kashmir have been facing all kind of terrible and ruthless atrocities from Indian Army, which is naked violation of human rights.
Recently, Indian army has used cluster ammunition to target civilian population across LoC in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir in sheer violation of international laws and conventions. Consequently, two civilians have died and eleven people were critically injured. The US and the UN must initiate serious measures to protect human rights of innocent Kashmiri people in Indian held Kashmir and appoint some focal person to help settle the dispute peacefully to enhance regional peace.
Larkana, Sindh

Precautions during monsoon

After heavy rains in Karachi, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has expressed regrets over fifteen deaths due to electrocution. The main cause of these deaths was poor and obsolete wiring and absence of proper electricity earthing. The K-electric is bound to evolve a proper system by which every house is checked by its staff that electricity wiring is done according to laid down specifications.
In the same way all electric poles in the city must have proper earth available and people also warned before monsoon to avoid touching electric gadgets with wet hands. Unfortunately due to abundance of rainwater doctors and paramedics were unable to reach hospitals and people who suffered could not reach hospital in time for treatment. Finally provincial authorities must work together for improving the situation.
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