PTI’s naya Pakistan


Abdul Rahman Malik

The National Accountability has touched the New heights after two Ex-Prime ministers and a Former President have been nabbed by National Accountability Bureau that has given birth to severe political crisis and prompted the Scattered opposition to be united on a single platform to initiate anti-government protest to oust the incumbent government of PTI and demand fresh Elections. Pakistan has been confronted with various socio-economic and Politico crises, the latest in the row is the political turmoil after the heads of two mainstream political parties I.e PML-N and PPP were arrested by NAB in various corrupt practices during their government, assets beyond income and incurring the loss of millions to the public exchequer.
The arrests of Former PM Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari have triggered widespread protests through the country and massive traffic jams since the violent party workers of both PML -N and PPP chanted anti-Govt and Anti Nab slogans and heavily criticized the PM Khan of masterminding NAB references and cases against the Sharifs and Zardari to carryout revenge from the both Party leaders. PTI’s Naya Pakistan has so far been revolving around the arrests of bigwigs since nothing has been recovered as yet. There is no logical end for the NAB cases against the opposition leaders. According to sources, the arrest warrants of two prominent political leaders I.e former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former Advisor Finance in PML N Government Miftah Ismail were issued and they were arrested on the same day.
Those who are likely to be arrested by NAB include CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, Former leader of Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah, MPA Nasir Shah, MPA Jam Khan Shoro, MPA Abdul Rauf Khoso, Ex MPA and Zila Nazim Sardar Saleem Jan Mazari. It is also reported by some analysts that the forward block may be formed of 25 to 30 disgruntled MPAs of PPP to Form a coalition Govt with Ruling PTI. If PTI succeeds in bringing in-house change, it will enable it to implement its policies in Sindh and will strengthen the Federation and help in the legislative process both at the provincial and federal level. PTI will address the issue of deprivation and will chalk out a comprehensive plan to implement relief and welfare projects for Sindh so that real development could be brought by transforming the lives of people of Sindh. The Sindh Govt will also enable PTI Government to introduce New Local Government system to improve Governance at grassroots level since it is called basic democracy since the old colonial-era Commissionerate system has failed to deliver and have several shortcomings to cater to the needs of Governance and its improvement.
JUI chief Moulana Fazal Rahman is considered to be a big threat for PTI Government since he has been a strong critique of PTI even before PTI’s coming to power and have been leading the opposition from the front. He even threatened to hold million march to Islamabad if PTI Government was not dissolved itself. He also refused to support Senate Chairman Aslam sanjrani after the Government delegation failed to pursue him. The PTI has lost on economic fronts since it took the loan from IMF on tougher conditions that have crippled the already fragile economy of Pakistan. The Price hike has invited the opposition to be united to launch protest drive against Government since the PTI’s inefficiency has given rise to US Dollar to historical high at 151 due to mismanagement of currency Exchange. The PTI’s Naya Pakistan slogan for housing is also criticized since it has so far failed to fulfill its promise to provide low-cost housing to low-income employees and people. The over-taxation has frightened the people that have affected the productivity of the businessmen and left an adverse impact on Auto Industry where the main auto industry firms have announced to halt their production owing to high customs duties, taxes and low sales of units. The First Year has disappointed the public and people have started raising their voice against heavy taxes, dearness and lack of good governance model that may root PTI on the right spot as inefficiency, immatureness and incompetency to manage affairs of the country has become a nightmare.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in Karachi.

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