Villagers protest over stone crushing plants

Khuda Bux Brohi

A large number of villagers belonging to surrounding areas located at hilly strip of Thatta district staged sit in on the road in protest against the spreading skin, athusima and lung infections disease among the inhabitants caused by dust releasing from the stone crush plants estabilished in the same area the other day (Friday)

The villagers including Rano Jawari, Meanhal Janwari, Meer Mohmmed, Mohmmed Ali Palari led the rally of villagers who were belonging to villages including Ismail Janwari village, Digar palari village,Gul Shar Janwari village, Faisal Palari village, Usman lakho village, Haji Abdullah Bikak village, Yar Mohmmed Bikak village and others of the same area who have been badly affected by the dust being released from the said stone crush plants, staged sit and demonstrate on Thatta and Jhimpeer linking road.

The protesters while taking to media men said over five plants of illegally stone crashing plants have been established in their area and administration of the said plants have badly violated the rules of CSR.

They said on the one side the crush loading dumpers have destroyed roads and bridges caused too much problems for neighbouring and on the other side they have allowed the skin, lungs and Athusm disease among the villagers living in surroundings.

They said the said plants are beloning to influetial men therefore the officials of mins and minerals departments has not bothered to take action against them.

They demanded of the authorities to repair to all the roads and collapsed bridges and take notice of the spreading dust being released from the plants, otherwise they have threatened to enlarge their protesting circle.

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